A letter from Pyongyang

A letter arrived today,
dropped through the rusty hinged letterbox which
has been made redundant due to the emergence of

( Basically, no one writes anymore……… )

words sent through wires smaller then a human hair
fibre optics the death nail of the Bic
or the fountain pen,
depending on taste and style,
I guess

But I digress,
The letter

it arrived unexpectedly like snow in June,
waited patiently for me to come
home and read it

It was addressed to me,
but it wasn’t a bill
or a circular
or from a pension company offering me a
free clock or a
digital pen

It was from Pyongyang

The Dear Leader was
critically ill, or so it was implied
but the news agency suggested otherwise

I read the correspondence and
was surprised to find
I was to be appointed next in line

This must be a mistake,
a clerical error but given the fact I
was unemployed I saw no reason to decline.

So I am off today
to Sunan airport
To be crowned as the new
General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea


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