Diamond sparkling pavements

House sitter rocking chair open windowed

frame of reference

looking through curtains like parted hair –

sat in a house that has a sign that reads

“I do not have dog but I have a gun”

(and a drill and a black belt which is to big,
I have a screwdriver because the tablets have resulted in me losing weight
and I need to bore new holes )

In neon lights in the twilight of hubcaps and diamond and worthless buildings trashcans are the stars on the street

with a jackhammer staccato

I see wobbling flesh –

her arse is the moon –

– A taxi driver sits behind bullet proof plexi-glass and waits for a fare – the pavement has skin and it’s dirty and below the soul of your shoe – there – dirt is impacted – -see the sign and use your eyes –

– the end is nigh – but this has been echoed through out time

– but someone said it on the news today – so it must be true —

The noise is just what it is –

-noise – plain and simple – crescendos and cacophonies – detonations

discord –

car horns, the grind of metal busses – the fatigue of the city –

busses coaches rubber scratches macadam

the hum of electricity that surges down power lines

high above your head where dirty pigeons perch –

I want to buy a gun – l want to…

Lizards and chameleons creep in the shadows – there is a river that cuts through –
it gurgles
sloshes against the embankment –

gurgles like a drowning child –
a dead fish flapping– plastic bags – the stench –

– foam froths near eddies – like bath shampoo – shopping trolleys’ get everywhere
do they not?


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