House equations

Beneath the wallpaper emerged
faded equations,
scratched into the wall with a knife,
or another sharp implement.

She couldn’t read the signs,
it was another language she didn’t speak…

…but acting on the advice of curiosity
she took photos and sent them off
to scholarly addresses.

Time passed.
It always does.

Then one Wednesday they arrived
electrical equipment
sterile white latex gloves
the beep of the Gyger counter,
in unforgiving sharp ascents.

It all meant something.
but nothing to her.



  1. Alex Bell

    I quite like this little bit off creative writing, especially the last 2 lines, “It all meant something, but nothing to her”. The picture that accompanies it is also quite nice. Do you write for competitions? Because if you don’t, I recommend giving it a go – I’ve done a few myself (and won one 😉 ), and honestly, I believe you could do quite well.
    All the best.


    • eatmorewords

      hello there – thanks for the having a read and leaving comments – glad you like the write.

      I’ve never written for a competition, but that’s not to say I wont, just haven’t really seeked them out, just tend to write and post the stuff here.

      But thanks for stopping by…cheers, it is appreciated.


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