the future is China

He fears aliens want to abduct him,
probe him then dump him in a field,


bound gagged and bleeding.

Moustached dictators invade his every thought

military green uniforms

carved effigies of glorious wars

a heroes death.

He scratches at insects laying eggs

under skin,

Chin up young man and walk with your back straight laces tied.

Secret languages,

semaphore and Morse code can be heard through

paper thin walls of silverfish

dry rot damp.

In places you can hear the neighbours shuffling around

muffled screams in bungalows in coastal towns

that hide

family secrets.

Caravan parks closed down for the winter

the park manger rifles through the owners drawer

touching things,

smelling things,


It’s the isolation and loneliness that compels him.

All work and no play…


He says he’s off to the walk the dog

but the dog has been dead for weeks,

flies buzz around him

parasites bite at him.

He is cold and he walks around empty estates

shopping trolleys seem beautiful in winter dusk

He’s stepping on cracks thinking of mums and


smashing bottles

muttering obscenities to pigeons.

The jingle jangle melody of an ice cream truck breaks his trance and stops him
in his tracks

summer day childhood memories creep back.

two scoops and a flake..

two scoops and a flake..

hundreds and thousands…

gobstoppers and once her lips tasted of chewing gum,

now nicotine

The future is China.

He dreamt it.


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