The day couldn’t have started worst…mist obscured the streets

reminded me of childhood winters when on misty days I would convince myself

that the buildings had disappeared…

just like that….my eyes are tired…

eyes lids hung like heavy weights

and the struggle to keep my peepers peeping is all to much

…falling in and out of sleep whilst standing up..

.then ..slumped at a desk

flat screen electronically whirring away

falling into a comfortable cocoon of half sleep

my nose throbs…when I was younger I could sail through days like this

….a boat on a pure still ocean…fish below…dolphins, majestic with their leaps..

.sun on my face…lulled into the deep blue of …

just floating and the water flows around …fits me like a tailored suit

am I’m in the womb?…on a boat ?…a boat floating inside a womb?

a giant woman with big breast….warm milk.

lactating breast…dark brown skin rings the milky wet nipples

and I’m off floating inside her, through her veins, her fallopian tubes…the elementary canal……swishing side to side …inside…

.looking through her eyes everything seems different, altered somehow, clearer….

my eyes are closed…small shards of light find their way in …I feel unclean, soiled, dragged through a hedge backwards…

still floating or am I levitating above everything? My atoms and molecules stretched and pulled out of shape..

a strange sensation. of ..

cold air on hot skin…head hanging out of the window of a moving car-..

like a floppy eared dog….

quicksand concrete….the smooth skin of the nape of her neck

I sink lower into the chair…I sink like polished stones…bankrupt

and moulded in the undertow

where fish swim

looking like a foetus in a jar…skeletal bones float to the bottom

….skin eviscerated as flesh is eaten….

.swollen and plump…

bloated .




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