they will rise from below the keys

the beginnings Lunch time used to be an hour but now its squeezed into a 20minute window which sees food wolfed down, chewing becoming obsolete

food in drinkable form is the future

food sucked down tubes

crumbs and debris

falling in the nock and crannies of keyboards

…underneath the keyboard exists a world of microbes and atoms that feast on these fallen crumbs, little morsels which create little entities which create tiny civilizations and cities naked to the human eye

beneath the keys ,

feeding off the dropped food

a hamlet below the s key, a thriving urban metropolis under g and h

poorer neighborhoods evolve  somewhere under the and ~ keys.

no go areas where food is scarce

most crumbs tend to drop around the t,y,g,h,b,n, cluster,

giving this area of the keyboard an advantage in it’s evolution.

Small wars are waged for the retrieval of a miniscule piece of half chewed lettuce leaf, a fleck of crisp crumb.

The battle is always raging

after a years of fighting and struggle these tiny microbes will grow and develop, evolve

and break through from their confines and ooze out from under the keys

taking over the desk

feasting on dirt, the grease left on the keys by overworked fingers


DNA deposited from a fallen strand of hair, a piece if skin,

a fingernail.



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