The papers mentioned
a Government policy
or was it a plan?
a scheme?

it involved a healthy diet,
CCTV cameras in all corners and the
repatriation of all birds and fishes
to the lands from

whence they came.

I thought I would be getting
a cheque in the post,
a computer error
some dividends,

maybe a windfall? but the letter
hasn’t arrived and I have a 1000
take-away menus stopping me
from getting out the door.

I blame the Government.
I point fingers at the economy.
Je’accuse Dave.

I’m on the platform
at the right time but the train isn’t here,
I hear it was sold to a German car
manufacturer somewhere between stations or

blown of course by record winds.

The street is littered with the

mangled bones of a 100 broken



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