crumpled mattress empty swing

I have a feeling of vertigo

unbalanced and loose
reeling like a noon day drunk
staggering bouncing off walls

as strangers avoid my stare and move
themselves out of this typhoons path

Cigarettes smoked to the filter

A glimpse of a porn film
a swollen pussy being fingered by bitten nails
a bossanova beat

crumpled mattresses

The DVD is jumping

scratched surface perhaps
and the image jolts back and forth
a cock going in and out of a mouth
ad infiituim
smokers teeth two fillings
matted black pubic hair

Urban shell shock and a 1000 mile stare

Boil the kettle and wait

She screams on street corner telling me

Jesus has spoken to her
telling me she has heard voices in her head

She tells me she’s my savior

She quotes scripture
waves a battered black bound bible
but I tell her I don’t believe the written word
I only believe what I see on TV

I don’t want to be saved
I just want to get through this day

Give me a pen
I need to write the solutions down
I need to record this

I pass boarded up houses
and discarded dreams
I see dogs shitting in the street
and in children’s playgrounds
empty swings
swing in the breeze


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