His wider
safeguards blinded him.

Microcomputer processors are storing the schedules.

The educated orchestra thinks.

Does this constitution stagnate against an enlightened assembly?

Approx        imately,        yes,

a wasted timetable.

Re boot
all drives.

The imposing breeze flips through cracks in this edifice.

This unworkable minimalism.

The ethics,

the prostitute,

the bloody beard.

beginner apologises .

as the taste strains.


criminal discriminates.

The determined way automated things work.

Outside the ceremony,

the broadcasters looks sea sick green but

but they
will tow the line.

Their faces will crack under the weight of this.

The dinner will migrate from the plate to the mouth.

This is a fact.

And as you chew

it will compress the screams.

stuck between teeth.

The preferred truth frightens the faithful

but we
will not associate with the censors.


I have always had leanings to the left.


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