father made up the facts

His son sat on his knees,
pointing at stars and asking questions.
He answered but wasn’t sure of the facts
so he made things up,
like man landed on the moon in 1784
while Queen Victoria discovered America by accident,
she got lost driving a car made from lollypop sticks and
Atlantis disappeared below the ocean
under the weight of all the dinosaurs who headed there to avoid a comet that was about to destroy the earth .
While his son laughed he tussled his hair,
as father are
programmed to do.


    • eatmorewords

      Don’t think there’s a hidden metaphor…it was written after one of my sons relentlessly quizzed me on a variety of different subjects I was clueless about. Rather than admit I didn’t know the answers I just made them up, hence the title.

      Theres no magic here.


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