secret meeting / remove retinas

Got to reduce my carbon footprints
but aren’t we made of carbon?
Maybe I’ll have to remove a foot?
I guess I’ll walk less then.
That’s how it works.
Doesn’t it?

Stephen knew the answer,
he wrote it down and has it stored
in a safe deposit box,
controlled by a retina scan.

A gang of thieves are plotting to remove his eyes
and sell the secrets to a cabal of hedge fund managers.
They are plotting in a room overlooking the park.

Their secretary is ordering refreshments for the meeting,
tiny sandwiches,
skewered meats,
peanut dip,
jugs of ice cold water.
Noisy ice cubes

crackling. The secretary makes sure
there is a pen for everyone
and the pads are aligned symmetrically.

The park opposite the office is full of ducks
and grass,

trees that are older then this city,
and they are all oblivious to the meetings agenda.


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