ticking Nikki

I am not going to get involved
in the zeitgeist
I hear the noise of the hoi polli
screaming hash tagged
dull status updated
bandwagon passed
lemmings leap on

I’ll informed rhetoric &

even if I close my ears I can still hear
it, so
maybe if I cover my eyes with GM battery chickens reared in Norfollk

I’d still see it all.

so can we agree that we permanently gave up the idea of a God
some time in the 80’s?

we didn’t see his reflection in the glass monuments, or
on red braced bull market floors

against the ticking Nikki which obscured all perspectives

where leather shoes tap danced on paper floors
as red faced men bartered things that
didn’t exist

I think I can safely say
“I am right” and I have always leaned to to the left.



    • eatmorewords

      Unfortunatley religious Gods will always be around but today they have been joined by Nike trainers, TVs that are a mile wide an other such guff.

      mankind seems to love to be distracted.


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