carries buildings in his head

The architect carried buildings around
in his head, not real buildings
just un-sketched plans,
you understand?

He had always wanted to build a replica of the town in which he was born, but
not from mortar or brick but from
spaghetti and matches and
lollypop sticks.

He wanted to build the fire station and a church
and the supermarket where he would make
tiny shopping trolleys and scatter them over
the make believe car-park where tiny
people would be carrying on with their daily chores
holding tiny bags and thinking big thoughts.

In the town he wanted to build a spacious park for imaginary children to enjoy wholesome picnics . A shopping district and maybe some public transport?
And ponds where geese, ducks and swans could
glide serenely on the surface near broccoli sized

The town in his head would be better then the town where
he lived but he had one big problem
he spend hours wandering how he could make the sun.


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