eventually, we all have to get off

The bus arrived full of spines, fingers, retinas and newspapers.

I got on and I know that at some point I will have to get off.



  1. multiplemichael

    the bus=life
    so true
    i like your work when it is more direct
    sometimes you seem to get in a grocery list kind of rant and that turns me off
    thanks so much for the positive vibes
    your next piece should be about the “squat molasses sticky girl”
    your skin flap neighbor, multiplemichael:2012


    • eatmorewords

      Thanks for he feedback, really is appreciated.

      Understand when you say it’s often lusty and verging on rant…I’m a great fan of list but yeah, doesn’t always make the best reading!

      And as for suggestion re:”squat molasses sticky girl” I’m on it!!

      Keep an eye out!


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