moustache hanging

He showed up for his wedding with a moustache
hanging below his nose,
and down the aisle he dragged behind him a fridge
which contained the finest cuts of meat:


all imported from a Milanese butcher
he once wrestled during the war.

His bride was late,
a punctured tire?
traffic lights?
the sound of bells
or cannon fire?

The church was not the oldest thing in the village,

“Old man” Mendelssohn owned that title,
and he sat in a chair sucking down air
dispensed from a metal

He stood at the front of the church,
chewing on a slice of meat and his memory strayed
to childhood days
of swinging from trees with Lucien.

His bride arrived late and the
twins arrived 9 months later,
on time and looking nothing like
their “father”, cept for the



  1. multiplemichael

    the bride was possibly late because she was having sex
    not for pleasure but for the biological interest of her species
    the husband brought the fridge because of intense emotional investment
    the wife was the hot meat……..the fridge the cold


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