date of birth is a grid reference

she used her date of birth as grid references – found that place on a map
circled it like with black marker pen
like the areola circles erect nipples
– days spent staring at black rings

go for the atlas they yelled like an audience on a gameshow – explore the cities that are lost under the staples –
explore the curves of geography – dip your toes in the water – bathing sharks show teeth sharp –

and when she got home the librarian removed the snippets of conversation from her waistband –

she laid them end to end to construct her resignation letter



  1. multiplemichael

    resignation….isn’t that where they put native americans ?
    be careful around the curves of geography
    prolonged sound can make a simple trepass dangerous
    sailors treasure trinidad but fear tobago
    or is it the other way around
    if you see or smell brown……beware
    bathing sharks may have sharp teeth
    just try to keep healthy men from the ravine of love
    anatomy is destiny sunshine
    piercing pleasure
    medium-sized cigars
    cicada-sized seed
    rigorous removal
    they’re on the floor
    i can see their eyes


    • multiplemichael

      prolonged friction can make a simple trespass dangerous
      going to a motel is always a good idea
      bedroom robbery
      her parrot-like voice
      internal music
      pull out the works and make poetry
      armed or disarmed


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