new neighbours

The moving van pulled up blocking out the sun, stopping right outside my window.
The house next door had been empty for a few weeks now and naturally I was intrigued to see who would be moving in.
I opened the front door and made some up some excuse so I could walk to the end of my drive and have a look.
To see what was happening.
From the angle I was at, all I could see was the ramp at the back of the truck.
Descending down the ramp came a family of apes, carrying a variety of ornate furniture.
The dad looked over his shoulder, looked me straight in the eyes,”Hello there, I’m Mr Johnson”.
He then put down the lampshade, reached out, and with his long simian fingers proceeded to try and remove (imaginary) tics from my hair.
I stepped back and he offered his hand for me to shake.
I did.
His palm felt like cracked leather.
And the lampshade he was carrying was delightful. It would have matched my curtains and I turned away, jealous.


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