it just came to me

“The Super Charged Dreams of Professional Wrestlers”was the name of the first book I wrote.

It sold well amongst certain demographics, namely men between the ages 15 – 35

but many complained about the intellectual nature of the narrative.

It also came with a free head band.

My next book, a love story entitled, “The Cantankerous Cancerian with the Canter Levered Jaw”, just flew out of the shops.

I retired and now nurse a mild addiction to prescription drugs and Soviet comics from the late 20s.



  1. multiplemichael

    whiplash words just make me crazy
    strife between the rational and the irrational
    the nerve of this word operator
    the old folks think you’ve taken your seeds to market
    soviet comics is code for those on the borderline
    boom-boom vests
    run away from the written word


    • eatmorewords

      Soviet comics scratched on Gulag walls amongst permafrost skeletons skin sagging but never a cantilevered Jew
      hinged at the waist bending on rusted metal
      cataracts & wonky eyes scan words at a pace
      mis- read

      “My smelling is atrocious” a missing P, it makes sense then.

      The power of weapons
      these words are diamond sharp.

      There is no need for a new alphabet


  2. multiplemichael

    Gulag is also a flavor of JELLO
    there is a local nightspot called “hinged at the waist bending”
    i went with high hopes but was soon disappointed
    no one was interested in the next evolutionary stage
    a more glorious place
    not just brown holes and lips wet with memories
    corruptible so near the divine
    you said that you were taking your seeds to the market
    the old folks were seeing the future
    almost like people close to JESUS would watch television
    talk about hardcore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. multiplemichael

    remember people close to JESUS
    well, they were watching cable tv that was mimicking counterfeit cable tv
    almost real almost all the time
    debilitating scenarios
    watching life with the eyes closed
    you had to wear gloves to bed ?
    no touch
    quasi-dreams about the other slice of bread ?
    you in that little repairman outfit
    ” i’m here to take care of that crack ”
    looped grunts
    sin can be so interesting
    sin needs no explanation
    the motionless get erased
    go go go god loves those on the go


    • eatmorewords

      Gulag prisoners fist fights with square eyed Christians,
      discrepancies over doctrines cold climes
      cable TV in my house was just that
      a box with cables in side – a pit of snakes – a cabal of faceless South American meat monopolies – conglomerates of unimaginable size – knife scarred faces greasy moustache
      they say Jesus died on a cross
      but they found him, dead and cold in a bed in a hotel with a triple figure bar bill

      a donkey is still ass not matter what way you slice that pie.


  4. multiplemichael

    someone sure types a truckload of horrid visions
    you should have gone with me to the doctor today
    my blood pressure was like 900/800
    almost zero oxygen in the blood
    that was the good news
    they gave me this one shot (pint-size)
    it was 50/50 i would die
    i didn’t die but my buttock sure hurts
    a honest to god butt shot
    last time it was shots in the stomach
    seriously, stomach shots
    after that you forget how to spell words like Gulag
    it is a sin to lightly joke about Gulag
    or Jesus
    and south american faceless monkeys….well, they live next door


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