the end burns

feigned pleasure in the torture suite
sex friction
the end burns
tears at the entrance and he’ll remember the way red nails touched him for weeks to come
she won’t remember a thing
play dumb
lightbulb flickers at the far end of that silent corridor where there is only one exit
up there
on the left



  1. multiplemichael

    feigned pleasure = any sex with a condom
    torture suite = with the spouse or not/ chatter non-stop chatter/ the smell of an unwashed behind/ the sound of a crying
    baby in another room/ the smell of pet poop or vomit/ visible bugs/ dried blood on the sheets
    sex friction = up to a point this can be a good thing
    the end burns = this is never a good thing/ hate to see people crying at the urinal/ get medical attention


  2. multiplemichael

    are there black ghosts at the north pole ?
    i know it is very difficult to see.
    you were a hoot as a young boy with your pockets full of iron filings.
    you often said that you were a magnetic field nightmare.
    i always blamed your aunt Ruth ( she drank water out of different color cups because it tasted different depending on the color ).
    if you’re going to talk fashion you must invest in an interpretive lens.
    wipe the fog……….. minister to the ruinous
    take off that rubber and mount Babel
    have a peak experience
    go for the mystical friction burn
    a perturbation in the sex-magnetic fold
    squeeze out a bombshell
    squirt a homo-psyche glob
    atomized jism


  3. multiplemichael

    dear lord, LITTLE JOHNNY has set the barn on fire
    dreams of buckets of urine and neighbors rapidly filling them
    the women folk dropped their drawers and added to the yellow
    cause-and-effect you left town
    school pictures of your prized vertical axis
    you escaped from a self-winding situation
    essential distinctions quantitative differences
    the pillow told you to postpone the wedding
    but not the male member in the chinese finger trap
    errors interlock……….FRICTION BURN


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