counting lamp posts

face facing the way I am moving
but I think this seat is damp and
the man in front,
he is counting lamp-posts as they go by

one, two,
he doesn’t know if he should include telegraph poles as lamp-posts, pause a decision, no,
three, four etc

to my right, a boy wears headphones so large,
its like two planets orbiting his head

I think of you and the usual things the usual stuff and you I think of

at the entrance a man wears two hats, one over another,
on top of each other
and his eyes scan paving stones for discarded cigarettes

but he has no light, an exercise in futility

cars pass as they always do


One comment

  1. multiplemichael

    face facing on the bus……………………counting lamp posts
    the tires were made in china
    they have different numbers
    our numbers are sour
    they ying-yang right past our numbers
    rubber trees are prematurely annihilated
    I know this is frightening
    try not to permit them in your memory
    everything is feminine everything is fine
    little rubber trees have no fatal end
    they sing at night in the big M light
    when you think of her
    are there clouds in the photograph of blue sky ?
    clouds are symbols of doubt
    she is the PINNACLE of your bright red heart
    the abyss is open with no bridge
    forget appetites….they wear two hats
    the precious gift you share
    buy all the tickets and ride all day !!!!!!!!!!!!


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