oustide, sticky

Outside, where I’m looking
a parked car,
a startled cat,
the sticky sap
of a sycamore
offer little stimulation.

The window is a
noughts and crosses board.

The Doppler effect of a speeding
siren racing towards the end of a family tree,
the snapping branch
the crack of a bullet.



  1. multiplemichael

    (oustide) sticky, touched upon earlier today, beautiful full puffy English lips
    in the room north from the whole
    people often ask was it meaningful
    just plain ordinary thinking
    physically identifiable
    scientific gap
    must say the gal has humanity
    Uranus was tight in youth but now produces a form of pig iron
    i’m not a mathematician
    extremely high inverse correlation there
    simple explanations start by looking outside
    a parked car…………..a startled cat (analogous to coincidence)
    order and uniformity in nature
    imaginative sticky sap
    sap is never trivial
    being male enhances the meaning of sap
    sticky is not without significance
    sticky sap is not a “chance grouping” of words
    potential satisfaction in sticky sap
    increased sensitivity to volumes of sticky sap
    looking outside with an unusual manner of ordering phenomena
    a car, a cat, and then daddy’s sycamore tree
    the siren is calling for a poetry psychiatrist
    being witness to a sycamore tree was danger-safe
    but good god….the sticky sap of a sycamore tree
    danger-safe becomes DANGER-DANGER
    poetry-minded people had to flush the toilet twice
    discovery of meaning
    nothing escapes the reader
    words make you naked


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