scrap metal merchants

The scraps metal merchants will win.

They will strip this ship bare as we see heavy icebergs ahead.

Selling the space between the rivets.

I protest
this was not meant to be romantic.


One comment

  1. multiplemichael

    the space between the rivets
    the upper rivet being the liquid exit
    the lower rivet being the spout-hole of pig iron
    you thought you might park romance in that space
    time and energy were not important
    the space between the rivets
    healthy enough for a yearning
    foaming…..therein lies
    exclusive preoccupation
    endless hair-pins in humiliation
    proper words and proper numbers
    mechanical foreplay sucking cigarettes
    particular filters and puff blowing
    that Winston Salem Marlboro looks like a sausage
    whatever the object however slender
    the outcome: reward or punishment
    who picked up the hairs ?
    persistence after the given event
    hair-head pins proved to be intolerable
    scientifically psychosomatic
    why did you cry?


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