First sun

first sun of the year
sends the masses out in a wave of badly drawn tattoos and ill fitting skin




  1. multiplemichael

    first sin……………………………………………………………………………..first sin
    in the back of your mind: psychophysics in the form of numbers
    numbers are hypnotic stick figures
    as a child you were intensely interested in thin people
    historical people are always thin people
    people from the bible weighed only 36 pounds average
    classmates often had emerging babies
    with a spasmodic emotion
    you were always there looking
    you spoke experimental numbers
    the pubes are not forgotten
    pie-pans with hair-head pins
    considerable weigh would be dropped
    history was losing weight
    birth was a damn good argument for suicide
    how can error persist ?
    and you posted a photograph of the blue sky
    you were thinking….first sin of the year
    imitative then mimetic
    fundamental laws of thought
    words are hypnotic stick figures
    as a child you thought hair might be contagious
    you were the king-pin in your history
    backward glances at vulgar brown spots
    never to be forgotten


    • eatmorewords

      the weight of biblical things is un-measurable – you can not commute the weight of fiction – the weight of half truths carries a
      scientific half life –
      she was half of your life –
      forgotten amongst pictures you mention of blue skies –
      I am the cloud floating cumulus – hypnotic against the empty vastness of everything


  2. multiplemichael

    sorry for the delay but your comments forced me into a tiny movie, “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”
    suddenly I became haley joel osment
    I found myself face to face with the blue fairy
    the thin people (some people say they are future robots/machines) are bible people
    everyone connected with the bible are super thin and lightweight
    some being taller than others
    Mister S liked his bible people tall and thin
    I only know the small ones
    my bible is/was printed on paper
    guess that says something about fiction having weight
    just think about fiction…….wow
    fiction replaces carbon in the Satan World


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