in here

Like a message stored on a circuit board
on the night shift,

surrounded by bouncing emails that
can’t escape the firewall.

In this factory in this factory
amongst African cleaners, and
plastic plants,

hours seem stretched beyond
all mathematical probability.

Like a
loop endlessly looping.
Like a
ragged dog chasing
his tail.

In this factory
give them a bone,

give them a bone
in this factory.

The chairs in here
out number the people
in here. The desks have legs and move around,
in here,
I saw a coat stand approach a manager,
they shared a joke
discussed a graph
then parted.

In here.



  1. multiplemichael

    disturbed anthill is code for: deadly bacteria, laser rays, pyrotechnic hypnosis, sex farces
    toilet paper at the workplace comes from Ceylon or Thailand where people don’t use TP
    women who relive their past adventures in breakroom flashbacks
    they openly show their bones and fire
    geographical kettle
    hisses a leak
    pangs of the work day
    it was an unwanted baby
    a product that dropped from sally-legs
    lament and fear
    a shuffled pack of cards at lunch
    familiarity with the outback
    baby has grave-worms
    the whole gamut of guilt
    Emily Dickinson Style
    incomplete without the man seed
    to bloom outward from the germ
    the baby is a dark gift
    the actual salt blood of love
    an employee without reproach
    atrophy of conscience yes


  2. multiplemichael

    things you removed from the workplace:
    the doctor asked you to draw images of them (things you removed from work)
    several employees were weakened by these actions
    who can judge the perceptual effect of slanted parallels ?
    isometric perspective undecipherable
    right in your pocket
    possibly the impingement of the outer world
    first set in readiness your fingers were excited
    some kind of inborn disposition
    simple geometric shapes as a child
    things you removed from the classroom
    master keys to the mysterious locks of young thighs
    later, complex locks in need of a screw that damaged nerve endings
    the first pictures………………..the young poems
    perceptual masturbation
    the capacity of perspective to create space


  3. eatmorewords

    the diseased anthill
    fumblings in the smoking room
    the computer has weeds growing between the keys
    she sits opposite the secrets her lips are always there
    unable to concentrate you have typed a 1000 words without looking
    you have constructed pie charts declaring the % of what makes up the human heart –
    56% bile and anger

    note from a meeting
    a circulated memo

    “the price of admission is getting fat
    in dreams will you survive?
    “it’s something to get through” said the prophets of doom
    they have contemplated this conspiracy.

    a good first quarter
    she has nourished through tubes
    the unwanted baby, third trimester


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