what i remembered

Backpacking through Thailand
warm rain
verdant hills
rusty buses
they were dressed as the two girls from Scooby Doo.

Serial killing through the town I was born
not bothering to hide the bodies
in midnight fields ‘cause
well, why should I?

Names crossed off the list, like
a mum on a big shopping trip.

An ultra Conservative Christian family
with 15 ginger children who all wear glasses,
tethered in a row
like dominoes
brainwashed about who begat who.

Stockholm syndrome feelings for your parents
the pain of phantom limbs,
lose teeth rattling in gums.


One comment

  1. multiplemichael

    Thailand is famous for very little toliet paper use
    Jack Nicholson said that you gotta learn to use a stick
    that deep-scratching assault
    men who are tired of mechanical bedroom behavior go there
    tongue-tied inability to orally lumber down
    you want your head twisted
    they twist your head in Thailand
    deep-throat interrogation
    whirring humming re-membering
    the moving of the lips like a goat chewing hot peppers
    oral ready-made buzzing
    that nervous taste right before the end
    the cottage cheese milkshake
    strained and straining answer the summons
    Luciferian tadpoles with tiny faces
    millions pass away…….murdered
    the serial killer swallow


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