direct decedents of Neptune

100% dedication to the wrong thing

weeks of planning up in smoke

she walked away and left her shadow waiting

no need for precise measurements here

best guess &

best guesses

long wave radio and the strange signals –

transmission interrupted

– wavering

– on waves like the ark

– new ideas

third aisle on the left

the secret isn’t safe

the secret has escaped

they asked me if I was a spy

the bad compass points south –

things go down

magnetic forces

the limb

gnarled ends

impossible to be in two places at once –

the belief in something that isn’t there – 

turn left when you exit this town –

she reads the words then tries to forget

but she found the evidence

the picture in the frame with the four fingerprints

( find the four finger ghost )

the spies

that wore a leather glove on their left hand

it was a sign – hidden but open

just like the looks she gave me


the Beatles came from a city of boats –

direct decedents of Neptune –


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