automatic writing #55

the song was set on a space station orbiting earth
the astronauts were eating powdered food and trying to remember what
ice cream tasted of they couldn’t find the words to describe vanilla

in Russian Stalin banned jazz

he ordered all trumpets to be buried 300 miles from Stalingrad

yesterday was national poetry day and no one knew

outside hailstones have been falling on and off for an hour or so
spring now, but possibly still winter
the calendars could be lying

the washing machine is gurgling in another room

my cat ate my fish

my cat died when I was on a school trip

my bird fell off his perch and never knew he hit the ground

the news is on the radio and
words are jumping from its belly
something about a murder
Russian involvement

she told me this morning she dreams of dead children

I’ll leave this here
I’ll finish my tea then I’ll be off



  1. aumque

    one of those trumpets was secretly dug out by an american embassy employee
    and sent to miles davis in 1969
    heaven knows whether he ever used it or not


    • eatmorewords

      the Stalingrad trumpet was confiscated at the boarder –
      a series of test were carried out
      it contained radium and secrets

      it burnt lips*

      rumours persisted
      – if you blew it
      it sent secret messages to the Kremlin –

      Miles Davis wasn’t aware of its existence

      *lipless scientists in Washington DC


      • aumque

        Some messages can destroy the recipients
        Of course stalin had a double
        But he couldn’t have an infinite number of dummies
        That’s why jerry garcia gloated at the idea
        That the enemy was listening
        The problem is we never know who the real enemies are


      • eatmorewords

        the fake Stalins had to glue on fake moustaches every morning –
        fake moustaches woven from human hair –
        so many fakes that no one knew the real one – (LIVING LIFE LIKE YOU WERE LOST IN A HALL OF MIRRORS)
        – all buried in cold Siberian graves still waiting for the thaw –
        Jerry said he knew the secrets but no one believed him
        Jerry said he’d seen the trumpet
        but no one believed him
        – the enemy are always listening
        keep them close


      • aumque

        Maybe it was the other way around
        Maybe it was the real stalin who had to wear fake mustache
        And what about jerry’s beard? Had he ever said it’s real?


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