automatic writing 23

sometimes the only light I see is from the xerox machine
while I copy a picture of Solange beating up Jay-Z in an elevator
stuck between floors
-when I was younger I wanted to be on the cover of an Iron Maiden album
– all rappers have ridiculous names
-I am filled in a database which contains the names of all the people who completed Ghost and Goblins


the alphabet hasn’t changed but the number of words continue to grow
– continual evolution of both word and meaning –
when everything was upside down


she didn’t meet up with me instead she watched Netflix for three days straight –
she told me she didn’t blink once
‘case she missed something

her angelic wings were clipped


I have vivid dreams where I am a mascot for a company or
a sports team

I’m dressed in fur and am dressed as an 6ft animal

I have a wobbly head and am sweating uncontrollable

over the animal suit I am wearing a shirt with a logo
a badge


were there fish in the ark or did they just swim alongside instead?


when they took my fingerprints
they said i didn’t exist

origins UNKNOWN
ten fingers
nine toes
broken rib


I am Evel Knievel in a rocket pointed at the moon


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