heavy load / small chin 

mother as container a vessel with heavy load

entrance as an exit 

         I crawled through the forest 

on all fours 

    it was a sight

bleeding knees like a priest in pray 
(100 years ago I would’ve existed in black and white 

– the war was still raging – 

stomach full of a steady diet of fake meat) 
problematic use of language in the land of the deaf

– a throng of people just pointing and grunting – 

– regression 

zombie shuffle dead man boogie 

– kids with txt talk 
I’ve been told there is an emoji for everything – 

the future conversations:

•smiley faces 


•closed fist

• flag of Cambodia 
my beard left my face

it was hoovered up and added to a bag of detritus – I noticed I had the smallest chin — 
                THE SMALLEST CHIN  
— I resemble me 

little me

baby me — 
a picture on a mantelpiece 
I was Adam for a short period 

I was Eve for a shorter period
I went home 

I came back 



  1. multiplemichael

    Small talk at the barber shop
    an attempt to bracket off the gender
    the sisters from the brothers
    (conveniently located intercourse)
    the allure of the fruit
    powerless to anything erotically charged
    powerless to everything erotically charged


  2. multiplemichael

    poets dipping their dongs in ink
    and signing their names
    seemingly irrelevant
    at the climax of intercourse
    they would pull out
    and make like Onan
    coitus interruptus
    the maid at the motel
    called it “goblin goo”
    (+) there was the sick boy snot
    (+) there was handsome swimmers with curls


  3. multiplemichael

    readers disguised as vacant lots
    a lifetime of rubbish and moral weeds for cover
    the smart poet not wanting to gossip on yesterday
    rather destroy the past—possibly a complete break
    walking away from the strongholds
    a measure of property proud
    an intellectual-hero


  4. multiplemichael

    births and deaths and a theme of music not yet heard
    relatives crowding the landscape afraid of the edges
    when people ask—no one says a word
    disappointments are everywhere
    poverty with its tight collars


  5. multiplemichael

    it was supposed to be a birthday party
    but the kid with the nail in his head
    stole the show
    a bunk house stench
    and she said she just washed
    her wadded bra
    was a turnoff
    she called me “bomb”
    said it wasn’t difficult to know when I was done
    purposeless words those were


  6. multiplemichael

    not a single young person could use
    “roots in a parched ground” in a paragraph
    a party of connections
    recurrent words
    rigidity—library standards
    the real poet wants gypsy lips
    insistent momentum
    poetry that shows words mirroring perception
    —————shows the mind at work
    (+) chopped-up prose with spaces


  7. multiplemichael

    a bias involving notions of male primacy
    a bias involving notions of male dominance
    (+) male fantasy of female beauty
    (+) females as objects and prizes
    standing at the bear trap
    tenderness was the local bait
    —drugs equal deification—
    —dope is free of forgiveness—
    the girl at the coffee counter makes me hot with curiosity
    all I could think was, “roots in a parched ground”


  8. multiplemichael

    the police put out the “invisible net” today
    catching sex flies, hungry souls searching
    very few specific details, mostly body parts
    females willing to be unconscious
    females with breasts the size of their eyes
    golden hair—warm hands—chubby thighs
    ****anything that defies the prevailing puritanical morality


  9. multiplemichael

    (+) he who portrays himself as a devotee and supplicant

    everything that had happened in the past
    all those trips to the trap
    to stare at the bait
    to imagine the pleasure
    frenzied thoughts at best
    somewhere in America
    people would pay to watch such dallying
    the constant fear of getting caught
    or almost caught with the bait in hand


  10. multiplemichael

    figures in the shadows seem darker and thicker
    as the complications continue to grow
    characters seem to change faces
    faces from bedtime stories
    faces from lullabies


  11. multiplemichael

    ****warning in the Honeymoon Journal: raw and untutored attention is common

    confused and directionless—afraid of being immobilized
    sex seemed grubby, vulgar, almost mechanical

    thinking of Anglo-Saxon words for bodily functions
    treasuring words dissociated from pool hall banter


  12. multiplemichael

    it wasn’t difficult to walk away
    people putting junk in their system
    claiming that one has to die
    to start living
    “death—the beginning of life”
    all I could think about
    was how comfortable a bed
    with clean sheets could be
    may be angels are laughing at me
    may be they don’t snuggle up
    to someone that they love
    may be they look up at the throne
    and prepare for their next chore


  13. multiplemichael

    I drove through town fast
    I knew the stereotypes
    the damaged opinions
    how does one step outside
    ——–conditioned attitudes ?
    pulling into the driveway
    loving the pleasures of family life


  14. multiplemichael

    today was generous
    extra helpings of guilt
    available free of charge
    the self-destructive line
    went around the block
    the enhancement of drugs
    a little put away for later


  15. multiplemichael

    the stuff one buys
    is never total annihilation
    almost annihilation
    poor little Jesus on the cross
    why does he look so small ?
    elaborate robes in the back room
    which was worse, oral or backdoor ?
    having lived through hearsay
    inaccuracies and distortions
    a victim of excessive sensory desires
    life was sodomy enhanced by light
    through stained glass windows


  16. multiplemichael

    linguistic application poetry
    cut-ups with a .22 handgun
    cut-ups with people who failed school
    every time the phone rings
    it might be a dose, or a smoke
    or someone lost and looking for advice
    the randomness of juxtaposition
    a word next to a word becomes a paragraph


  17. multiplemichael

    local poets circling the library
    the collapse of language was imminent

    FLARF poets proud of their deviousness
    they constantly defeat the purpose of words

    eager to display her Rhinoceros clitoris
    the librarian referred to it as her Absurdity Bone

    ****semi-autonomous comment
    momentum to move forward lacking
    the drags of limitation and soft asphalt


  18. multiplemichael

    “descended from an ape”
    regulars at the pool hall
    questioned the size of Adam and Eve
    when a God makes people
    how big or small does he make them ?
    were they miniature ?
    (+) humans as flexible products
    (+) evolutionary trial and error
    (+) proliferation of mutts
    (+) the play of the mind


  19. multiplemichael

    if comedy died in the middle of the night
    tragedy would be nude
    making the labors of the next day more difficult


  20. multiplemichael

    people on the bus
    started to mock you
    a simple performance
    but how did it end ?
    were you embarrassed ?
    ( you thought about the needle )
    life on stage: obscene with expletives
    outrageous exaggerations
    your brother holding the award


  21. multiplemichael

    straightforward poetry never works
    lame poets jamming words into cages
    ———a royal absence of anything defined ( a poem )
    however dry your throat may be
    try not to break the silence


  22. multiplemichael

    demons drinking kerosene
    dancing to Rihanna and Drake
    the day full of sulfur and sweepstakes
    (+) excessive surrender to the limitations of cash money
    slipping back down the ladder
    just think
    what if you were absent from creation ?
    you wash away the dirt
    you shave that hair
    you powder your behind
    just stay away from mirrors, Baby Bird
    you’re not really who you think you are


  23. multiplemichael

    that “which refuses to be named”
    forces agents to knock on your door
    forces thugs to break knees
    the errors of particular excess
    carry a difficult price to correct
    ****lessons of a short rope


  24. multiplemichael

    poetry that asks the reader to inspect it closely
    private detectives positioned to observe
    her parents only have limited authority
    the neighbors have serious doubts
    the pages seem too large
    for the book


  25. multiplemichael

    a double scoop of meth
    a clean tee shirt
    ****outraged and outrageous
    Bob Dylan walked by barefoot
    no one asked for an autograph
    a sign of the times
    (+) the value of a tie-wearing folk singer


  26. eatmorewords

    the barber discovered a small door in the back of the customers head
    – they tried to open it
    – a bright light shone from within
    (and some light jazz
    that honeymoon aroma)
    – they tried to find the chord that connected brother
    to sister
    who couldn’t resist the fruit


  27. multiplemichael

    the barber was told not to mention the door
    few people talk about it anymore
    your own personal archangel
    a long painful adolescence
    three weeks without relief
    rendered speechless
    by a genital boil


  28. eatmorewords

    my signature was illegible
    that’s unreadable to the illiterate
    and I did hear about an argument between the two detectives
    the difference between evidence and fact when one prime suspect disappear under solar flares
    —- fingers of accusations
    —-fingers and penetration

    booked onto the next ark
    my bags packed


  29. eatmorewords

    the smart poet would never get into poetry into the first place
    – he would write words and show no one
    – just writing because
    – at breaks at Leviathan
    – a hero in his own mind
    little boasts to the girl at the coffee counter

    the right is returning
    the doctor listened as history reached its cross


  30. eatmorewords

    all births and deaths were recorded
    one would always outweigh the other – a landscape of graves
    the big drop off the cliff
    that dry throats felling after six hours of kissing

    what is under hem-line?

    what drugs will we take today?


  31. eatmorewords

    at the birthday they all waited for the cake
    a cake of curdled cream made from dead milk with a message that no one could read —
    –harpy bumday?
    –haffy burpgay?
    –turned off by taste
    I put concrete in my ears
    I glue my eyes
    – turned off many moons ago


  32. eatmorewords

    militia poetry about guns and the south – books wrapped in flags
    – DON’T TREAD ON ME vol 1&2 –
    retread of theme
    and image
    unpleasant like the smell of a corpse
    – I don’t want to see how their minds work
    reprising barbarian onslaught

    militia poetry written in Whitmanesque woods
    carved in trees


  33. eatmorewords

    if you want privacy
    the close the god damn door
    if you want poetry
    don’t post it on line
    bias determined by algorithms
    tenderness at a cost
    how much water to soften the parched ground?


  34. eatmorewords

    police trying to define “consent”
    an arm not attached to the body is a strange sight
    weak men trying to regain power they never had
    carrying out actions their mothers would be ashamed off

    living in the future while heading Into the past


  35. eatmorewords

    what is the bait?
    who baited the hook?

    Edward Hooper’s pictures of buildings and homes in towns of architecture where everyone looks sinister
    with frenzied thoughts

    with his logic
    the murderer and his victim are both to blame

    (they will never raise a statue of me)


  36. eatmorewords

    faces from award winning documentaries about World War Two
    faces from wanted posters
    and a face you wanted to replace yours
    – complications with age
    – lullabies about death

    REPREHENSIBLE BEHAVIOUR of card carrying Nazis

    (and those who left their cards at home)



  37. multiplemichael

    ——————————–the true reward of writing poetry
    imaginary gratification
    as the room grew dark
    with the setting sun
    the satyr
    trying to remove himself from a costume
    making noises like a wounded mongoose


  38. multiplemichael

    playing with decadence
    without succumbing to it
    the poet as observer
    the poet as participant
    detectives in a variety of roles
    which came first
    (+) the mental breakdown
    (+) the knock on the door


  39. eatmorewords

    raw emotion on the streets
    torches burning at city hall
    this side
    that side
    hateful words with sexual overtones
    historical attachments
    bravado at the pool hall spills out into the streets

    no time for a honeymoon now
    burn the spreadsheets


  40. eatmorewords

    a comfortable bed with clean sheets is heaven at a price – hotels that charge per hour
    – can you put a dollar amount in happiness?
    – my drug dealer says yes

    – angels on their days off
    unshaven & vulgar
    waking up & phoning in sick –


  41. eatmorewords

    how does one step outside?
    do you open the door?
    climb out of the window?
    tunnel on dirty knees?
    the driveway to heaven
    paved with dog dirt & weeds
    family life
    can be like suffocating in a submarine

    come up for air
    every second Wednesday


  42. eatmorewords

    keep the receipt for the guilt
    you can return it within 28days –
    – self destructive actions
    – delivered in small measurements
    25 grams
    small pleasures and no rewards


    a plague is upon me



  43. multiplemichael

    the physical deterioration
    of the cake
    grew more pronounced
    with the passing time
    freshness was a missed opportunity
    Ms. Curie sent you a birthday card
    with a free pass for proclivities
    (+) all ready your dong had a strong inclination
    toward something objectionable


  44. multiplemichael

    don’t know anything about guns
    or flags wrapped in flags
    (+) caveman pirouetting
    (+) psychiatric pirouetting
    unhinged laughter
    compensation for a feeling of inferiority
    words flow with no sustained reprieve
    short outings in a dangerous world


  45. multiplemichael

    wanted: a secretary with a Dictaphone
    a large vehicle for expressing interior dialogue
    (vicarious means of self-gratification)
    a mad race to bankruptcy


  46. multiplemichael

    hello ARTIFICIAL DISTILLATIONS, I won’t be in today
    hello Mommy, no school today
    you could say clipped wings
    baby bird no fly today
    the demands of being a professional poet


  47. multiplemichael

    gritty aspects of family life
    no idea about the museum of mother
    poisoned aphrodisiacs for holidays
    pathological lies on the cold side of the bed
    fleeced and hoodwinked for supper
    possibly another lethal dose


  48. eatmorewords

    attmepts at total annihilation never fully work
    – (she told me the dinosaurs survived)
    – little Jesus on his cross
    look at those sad eyes
    – avoided sensory desires by never leaving the house and turning of wifi


  49. eatmorewords

    the man on the cover of led zeppelin 4 had a bad back from carrying those sticks
    – he tried to sue
    – Robert told Jimmy to kick him in his nut-sac
    the poor man and his bad back

    imagine carrying all that weight
    like a modern day Atlas


  50. multiplemichael

    in the back of the head
    a stack of odd smelling rags
    the kind of odor one would find in a peep show
    if one were hiking across Australia
    semen full of unpublished manuscripts
    scars on the walls from angry whiplash
    (+) optimists with soft hands


  51. multiplemichael

    ————AUGUST 21, 2017————–
    the sun blotted out in the sky
    grilled cheese sandwiches being made
    by the millions —— $9.95 with pickle
    Pink Floyd smelling like Helena Rubinstein


  52. multiplemichael

    employees smoking meth in the parking lot
    penetration in small closets and stairwells
    passion outside the scope of marriage
    small rock-hard dongs that wouldn’t stop
    long baseball bat dongs cold to the touch
    lovemaking like alligators gone wild


  53. multiplemichael

    apocalyptic termination was posted
    prostitutes at home
    soaking their feet
    seductiveness on the floor
    the poet busy thinking
    about kissing for six hours
    alter-ego projection ?
    (+) mild-mannered kissing is too tame
    (+) with still warm seductiveness on the floor destabilizing
    (+) a sexual buccaneer
    (+) willing to sacrifice everything for a squirt


  54. multiplemichael

    rumors that boy scouts
    were visiting the cake
    weeks before the birthday event
    what a deal——buy the cake on discount day
    (+) odd tang to the icing
    (+) it was not butterscotch


  55. multiplemichael

    the ensuing monster
    history hungry
    dead soldiers outside the gates of Heaven
    swearing that nothing mattered in the end
    it was impossible to immunize the soul


  56. multiplemichael

    if all artists are criminals
    talk to me about the direct proportion
    of wrongdoing
    in paintings by Edward Hooper
    (+) a world where people could live together compatibly
    (+) unquestioning support in the matter of writing poetry
    (+) an erotic home life—privately pornographic


  57. multiplemichael

    do not give your library card to the librarian
    if you are going to request books of an incendiary sexual nature
    librarians are noted for treacherous cruelty
    (+) all librarians have a crippling wound that never heals
    (+) the sensitivities of readers make for easy assault


  58. multiplemichael

    Buddhists power WIFI by pedaling a bicycle
    conversationalists give constant birth
    to conversational poetry
    disillusionment is common
    creative energy nearly dissipated
    signatures of bohemianism visible
    suggestions of illicit adventures
    episodic autobiographical sketches
    ****just think how many times you washed your hands in Greece


  59. multiplemichael

    a kick in the nut sac
    so hard
    that he pissed red bubbles
    ****how does one nurse such a thing ?
    he got nervous when the doctor
    stated that he was missing a testicle
    (misplaced humor)


  60. multiplemichael

    local poets circling the library
    countless tweed jackets
    and corduroy trousers
    adults taking drugs and drink
    to hurl backwards toward childhood
    womanizing men and womanizing women
    mental pictures of a real life Rhinoceros clitoris
    rumors about the librarian sporting one in a genital cone


  61. multiplemichael

    talk about a high-water mark in your life
    having a spear stuck in your eye

    disobedient boys get punished

    poets with dangling cigarettes
    cheap berets—bulging pockets

    as a collaborator I entered your name in a contest


  62. multiplemichael

    the idea of sexual experimentation
    different kinds of lies
    unwashed confidantes
    small talk about dirty sheets
    reenactments of shameful events
    ——–next door——-
    basketball on the television
    with the sound turned down


  63. eatmorewords

    the local flarf poets circled him on their bikes – each one repeated a word – one after the other
    they repeated their word
    verbal flarf
    drive by flarf

    (the words devalued without context)

    repetition repetition

    the flarf poets cycled away

    the silence was beautiful


  64. eatmorewords

    did god have balls ?
    did he even gave a nut-sac?
    a constant topic of conversation at the pool hall –

    trial and error explains evolutionary – big tall short small

    untraced history
    carbon dates


  65. multiplemichael

    Sylvia Plath said,
    “poets act in some bizarre unconscious obedience
    to some primal part of their self
    —a mental program that dictates collections of words”
    (+) painful origins
    (+) skinned knees
    (+) hormone frenzy


  66. multiplemichael

    marriage connected to pain
    folklore and folkways
    once strong in sin
    the ordering hand of God
    has waved all that away


  67. multiplemichael

    detectives trying to photograph
    your play of mind
    detectives trying to measure
    your private stature
    a noble savage among common savages
    crowning from trial and error
    giving your brother arrogance
    you capturing the intelligence


  68. multiplemichael

    unidentified ancestors
    not a single ape
    the coffee counter girl
    trying to bolster vanity
    rather than injure it
    “survival of the poet”
    (+) God asked me to reverse my family tree


  69. multiplemichael

    poverty with its tight collars
    poverty with its tight collars
    poverty with its tight collars
    boy bands in the popular imagination
    busy inflating themselves
    rather than God
    ****boy bands all ready discarding the past


  70. multiplemichael

    said it wasn’t difficult to know when I was done
    purposeless words those were
    jism at a considerable cost
    detectives busy trying to unearth knowledge
    the cleansing process was a success


  71. multiplemichael

    poets allow themselves
    a wider latitude
    in human affairs
    priceless evidence
    in your writings
    yes, many peculiar encounters
    yes, heated intimacies
    ****words wet with debilitating implications


  72. eatmorewords

    I remember seeing the comedian literally die on stage
    – he fell between red velvet curtains*
    – a bad punchline
    the audience applauded
    thin line
    comedic tragedy
    story of my life

    *honeymoon metaphor


  73. multiplemichael

    —————BICYCLE POETRY———-
    adrenal rages in a circle
    —fundamental FLARF
    —non-fundamental FLARF
    to hell with tuberculosis and black lung
    powerful men and women in literature
    sodomizing the floodgates of younger writers
    violating copyrights and testaments
    violating libraries and librarians
    fantasies of violence and perversion
    jumping from the infantile mind
    like athletic popcorn


  74. multiplemichael

    “GENITAL APPARATUS” an arrow pointing up
    God standing next to the sign
    people in Heaven walking around in stupefaction
    a constant source of amazement for the pool hall gang
    welcoming any and all psychocritiques
    ****discussions in private
    ****repetitive masturbation
    ****reciprocal masturbation


  75. multiplemichael

    the city bus takes you to the pregenital zone
    public transportation is a simple regression
    infantile daydreams as you watch the world pass by
    city colors are incomplete—–deceptive
    repetitive store fronts and symbols
    sadomasochistic implications
    a thousand desires to hide
    a thousand desires to reveal the monster inside


  76. multiplemichael

    the poet may identify with the active or the passive
    public transportation to the oral and anal areas
    harmonica sounds from the military clad riders
    perverts looking at magazine photos
    of semen being sucked up
    through a proboscis


  77. multiplemichael

    Kentucky mothers nursing babies
    wacked-out meth mothers
    rubbing poison on their nipples
    will baby suck ?
    will daddy suck ?
    will the landlord suck ?
    (+) the desire to play with death
    (+) undeniable playfulness


  78. eatmorewords

    the performance never ended
    I felt like an actor
    constantly “on” – I had no script
    freewheelin’ Johnny Boy
    making the words up as he goes –
    I took the brake off years ago
    I stood on stage
    the crowd left


  79. eatmorewords

    my children kept mentioning Drake
    – I thought about the Spanish Armada not a rapper in a fast car –
    slipping down the ladder of history
    fading past the point of memory

    I wandered what Drake smelt like?

    diesel and maple syrup?


  80. eatmorewords

    poetry on a flat page
    through the margins
    across staples
    removed the dust jacket
    there will always be errors
    strikethrough / erase
    – at that stage where I try and pull the reins on excess

    a rolling train full of sodomised hobos


  81. multiplemichael

    a train full of sodomized hobos
    on their way to the Capitol
    to be burned at the stake
    before you blew out the candles
    on your birthday cake
    you saw the hobos signaling you


  82. multiplemichael


    GROWING UP— that other kid just screwed everything up
    growing up in an examined environment
    continuous explanation
    that damn other kid

    years of print and pictures
    when you got old enough—soundtracks
    when people died on the big screen
    guess who took their place ?
    that bossy boy
    a first-hand rat


  83. multiplemichael

    Spanish Armada—-the brand name of a cheap kitchen appliance
    the Drake Scenario
    America permits a limited number of blacks to be successful
    they are not really black
    real black people
    are not visible
    just like Native Americans
    9 out of 10 people can’t name one
    history burnt at the stake
    some day there won’t be any intimacies
    people will lie about the sexes being divided

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  84. multiplemichael

    Baby Bird, you tossed the brakes
    nonsequential yet coherent
    conversational poetry
    page-turning prose
    Monopoly board reality
    (+) books stacked by the fireplace
    (+) books stacked by the commode hole
    words go up in flames
    words sleep in mounds of excrement


  85. eatmorewords

    the detectives were loco parentis
    they signed the paperwork
    they took charge
    they presented the parents with the bill

    (the parents were two hand grenades
    waiting to explode)


  86. eatmorewords

    the same girl at the counter told me she thought yawning was a sign of suppressed aggression –
    – I’m no Doctor I told her –
    I yawned and exposed my teeth
    like a jackal

    barefoot Dylan
    calloused skin


  87. eatmorewords

    Yul Brynner travelled through Archangel on his way to Hollywood
    he forgot the name of his barber
    he hadn’t seen him in years

    bald Yul
    with his head like the moon
    viewed from a telescope at night
    like a virgin


  88. multiplemichael

    the satyr
    trying to remove his swollen manhood
    from the flesh curtains
    she reminded him of a baboon
    but with make-up and clothes
    she could pass as a guerrilla look-a-like


  89. multiplemichael

    create reality with the basic ability to daydream
    riding the bus and daydreaming at 100mph
    riding the train and daydreaming at 100mph
    the wife with a grenade under her pillow
    wake up and watch her playing with it
    the grenade is a powerful imaginary weapon
    she was an unmapped female
    isolated and dangerous
    death was the simple solution
    I told her to do it
    life wasn’t necessary


  90. multiplemichael

    I found the perfect girl
    she was a man inside
    we settled down
    now we’ve grown to the ground
    Adele is outside singing at the door
    I loved her and set her free
    her Victorian farts so sweet
    Adele take your cheeks home
    kiss that rat boy husband
    on the rubber sheets
    dare not speak
    coughing lung snot
    coughing lung rot
    a sanitary napkin
    taped across your mouth
    ( tuberculosis)


  91. multiplemichael

    who stands at the end of the hall
    laughing ?
    you will not get beyond death
    don’t even start your jet car
    or open the family bible
    the promissory note to be paid
    the prearranged time
    a simple trip down the hall


  92. multiplemichael

    life is spontaneous and problematic
    overcrowded in poverty
    children sitting on the school bus floor
    children sitting on the classroom floor
    playground ringleaders
    channeling energies
    in the restroom
    “How was school today ?”


  93. multiplemichael

    layer after layer of clothing
    to suit standards of public taste and decency
    never to be taken off
    showers and bathtubs and swimming pools
    took days and days to dry off completely
    over seemingly impossible amounts of time
    the clothing fell apart and vanished
    but the standards stayed the same
    (+) the stratagems that powerful poets invented


  94. multiplemichael

    simply by ignoring or forgetting it
    readers create their own fantasies
    poets climb tall trees and leap
    tired of living in a reality
    never portrayed in the present
    (+) greater simplicity on a cloud up above


  95. multiplemichael

    flashbacks—which go backward and forward in time
    unable to formulate feelings, much less verbalize them
    readers never know exactly what the poet is thinking
    verbal processing on the spaceship
    men naked in a tight environment
    it was either fight or engage in sex


  96. multiplemichael

    not exactly a fan of nut-sacs
    or hairy butt cracks
    masturbating seemed safe
    once the container size
    was no longer an issue
    apes in outer space


  97. multiplemichael

    many rhythms and even more voices
    different shades of human nature
    man sometimes resembles God
    the desire to hide
    the desire to reveal
    fantasies of violence
    fantasies of passion
    critiques of your genital apparatus
    the complexity of reciprocal sex
    nothing simple like expensive socks


  98. multiplemichael

    anger starts when the baby is made to wait
    disguised as the bridegroom
    he is forced to wait
    Moses had the strongest flashlight in the world
    God made him wait
    ****after death, the psychiatric ward will make you wait


  99. multiplemichael

    psychoanalytic circles
    with their dongs in hand
    meth being the death of choice
    mild-mannered cocaine down the drain
    ****dreams of charismatic coffee counter girl
    with a knife stuck in her chest


  100. multiplemichael

    like the smell from an Afghan hound
    the celebration of taking a dump
    that’s why there are candles
    on the birthday cake
    delight in excrement
    at an expense
    (+) elephant size enemas


  101. multiplemichael

    (+) mommy grenade was leaking milk
    (+) daddy grenade was leaking jism
    a critical moment in the development of the homosexual infant


  102. multiplemichael

    passive reception of pain into active enjoyment
    a famous lyric from a Dylan tune
    about pushing the wheelbarrow
    even farther than before
    the poet swallows life
    and produces poetry
    from the exit
    brown psychic


  103. multiplemichael

    usually boys—adults smearing and swearing
    ignorant of their sadomasochistic ways
    wives speak of the spurt of pleasure
    never love or intimacy
    disagreeable incidents
    the constant need for money
    mommy and daddy visit
    only to find excrement
    on the living room rug


  104. multiplemichael

    man defines himself
    through his actions
    no one takes credit
    for the sodomized hobos
    traumatized on a train
    policemen collected ooze
    the Red Cross gave them
    sturdy jock straps
    in patriotic colors
    ****leftovers from a homosexual parade

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  105. multiplemichael

    written poetry with no proper destination
    poets like cigarettes in need of an igniting spark
    hobos bent over taking it from behind
    angels frown and say that it’s just not right
    unimaginable pleasure —man on man


  106. multiplemichael

    a trainload of sodomized hobos interpreted as a threat
    poets running around with flashlights
    trying to illuminate shadows
    scary things that cannot live without a host
    parasitic organisms on two legs
    (+) Narcotic Agents screw with the cell phone


  107. multiplemichael

    faceless addicts racing from motel room to motel room
    each one having touched institutional life
    identity stripped away and defiled
    pressures to conform
    a broken bone
    kind of clarity


  108. eatmorewords

    not for profit poetry
    avaliable online
    cardboard cutout supporters with buttons for eyes
    all phone set to silent
    avoid invisible contact
    spell check changes meaning
    a flarf dictionary in your pocket

    at K-Mart you can buy a canoe and a shotgun


  109. eatmorewords

    everyone wants compensation these days days*
    people feel insulted at the smallest thing
    people are offended on behalf of others –
    everyone thinks everything is connected

    cavemen in small gangs
    roaming forests
    looking for supermarkets

    *the man who sued McDonald’s because he was unhappy after eating a happy meal


  110. eatmorewords

    a ground where life cannot grow
    ancient signs hidden
    plain view
    – the seeds needs liquid
    – and on the horizon telescopes point towards the sky
    at the future away from human failure

    the new ark will fly


  111. eatmorewords

    who does the secretary turn to ?

    ( her dead dog buried in her yard )
    letters she’s written with spelling mistakes
    no attention to detail
    a button undone on her blouse
    dust between the keyboard keys
    cold tea in a cup

    watching the clock
    as it is today
    so it is tomorrow

    poems about offices and isolated incidences


  112. multiplemichael

    absurdity-haunted flarf seems immune
    turn the calendar page
    of Robert Frost classics
    bourgeois conformism
    —————————finding yourself nude
    descending a staircase in Duchamp’s studio
    —————————finding yourself eating
    a hamburger in a funeral hearse

    (+) the domain of conversational poetry
    does not belong strictly to a language of words

    (+) Leonard Cohen said that he was growing light
    now he’s gone


  113. multiplemichael

    a flarf dictionary with missing words
    words that can never reassume their place
    words you express
    when you get your dong
    caught in a zipper
    when you get your nut-sac
    caught in a zipper
    words transcribed by a police stenographer
    after you take your first dump in lock-up
    witnessing and being witnessed


  114. multiplemichael

    all that baby blood
    every 28 days
    makes the vampires cry
    the price of heroin
    makes poor people crazy
    do you think it could be pure ?
    ****psychopathic criminals frightened by outer space
    ****anal assassination in the Big House washroom
    the detective interrogates the young mother
    “did you toss the baby out the window ?”
    (+) bloodshed (every 28 days)
    (+) death (the baby landed on a rock)
    one of the better looking detectives
    came to work in a loincloth
    no one said a word
    ****a department that finds devil worshipping humorous


  115. multiplemichael

    posters of brothels in Shanghai
    tacked to the detective’s office walls
    although openly international
    the young girls looked 12 to 14
    ****boss man with yellow teeth
    and metallic eyes
    (the bell rings)
    external cuts and scrapes
    internal history in inches


  116. multiplemichael

    rumor has it that they are going to dig up dead actors and actresses
    and try to squeeze another performance or two out of them
    the things that modern technology can do
    dead people smiling and talking
    copulation up close
    it can be done


  117. multiplemichael

    conflicting versions of lesbian activities
    there was a check mark
    next to “disturbing lesbian proclivities”
    joyless isolation and bad coffee
    a frying pan full of sexual dreams
    magazines featuring the unattainable
    entrapment straight from the Bible


  118. multiplemichael

    Adele was nauseously prettified
    for her photo shoot
    absorbed in her own script
    a chubby girl with a musky smell
    a fashionable object
    ****she was Adele to me—not a cash cow


  119. eatmorewords

    the sister company to Leviathan
    headed by a family force feed through a combination of tubes
    no school today
    because school no longer exists
    self taught on computer screen
    baby birds born with motors not wings
    jet propelled into the future


  120. eatmorewords

    gritty aspects of family life
    the dirt under the nails
    digging graves with no shovels
    digging like dogs
    what wouldn’t you do for a bone?

    poisoned by the protagonist
    professional poet
    preferred paragraphs positioned perfectly parallel


  121. eatmorewords

    at times of famine rat tasted as good as pig
    roasted on a stick
    stab the fat carcass
    roast fat spit
    sweet and slick
    molasses sticky
    like those first kisses


  122. eatmorewords

    no sun AUGUST 30
    (the end of summer)
    wet Texas
    boats fill the street
    a scene from Dunkirk
    a church full of people praying for a miracle
    a church full of people praying for an ark
    a church full of men would give their left nut for a grilled cheese sandwhich

    pink Floyd albums float towards the Alamo

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  123. eatmorewords

    the kissing when teeth clash
    the kissing when teeth bite lip
    the kissing where you breath through your nose
    where you fell dizzy
    the twinge in your trousers
    thinking about anything but THAT
    – outside of yourself
    floating above

    (remember to give yourself a pat on the back)


  124. multiplemichael

    (+) an ache of disembodied lust
    (+) the dictionary being used as a masturbatory aid
    (+) adults writing in their journals about the repeated
    experience of loss
    (+) thank God for carbolic soap


  125. eatmorewords

    ideology of idiots screaming
    at the HQ
    stolen copies of Mein Kampf steady the table

    Charles Lindbergh dropping propaganda from the belly of his plan


  126. eatmorewords

    written with bullets fired from Charlton Hestons gun

    card carrying members of the NRA are all mouth
    no action
    you wouldn’t catch them in the firing line


  127. multiplemichael

    at first I thought Charles Lindbergh
    was a type of cheese
    then someone said that he was famous
    for solo nonstop
    thoughts of solo nonstop in adult films
    Charles was a busy boy
    (+) his mother’s nickname was “Stinky”


  128. multiplemichael

    THAT REFUSES TO _____ ?
    they tied Charles Lindbergh to the plane
    33 1/2 hours without a potty break
    in 1927 humans produced waste matter like cattle
    it was not a pretty picture (photos were forbidden)


  129. multiplemichael

    I tried to help you escape
    but you said that you
    wanted to remain bound to the past
    that the mushroom cloud
    was a beginning not an end
    sleeping in the ground
    with a phantom lover
    enormous breasts and wide hips
    room for you but not your horse
    I begged you to stay in our refrigerated vault
    be cloned at my expense
    be cloned twice if it suited you
    the good Johnny and the better Johnny


  130. eatmorewords

    Hooper’s pictures of the mundane
    towns of lonely people
    looking into the distance
    hiding secrets*
    like hardened criminals

    *skeletons in closets ?
    sexual predilections ?
    deviants behaviours ?
    inability to read ?


  131. eatmorewords

    the librarian gave my details to the detectives
    the librarian searched my browser history and sent copies to the detectives
    – all the while giving me the eye
    treachery in the silent place
    amongst thousands of words

    the librarian wouldn’t look out of place in a Hopper picture “Librarian at Night”


  132. eatmorewords

    conquistadors poets spreading the gospel of new words
    smallpox words
    the search a place to feel safe
    – the friction of corduroy thighs
    geography teachers with large strides and talk of ox-bow lakes & longshore drift

    sometime I drift away
    a soulless ballon

    drink and drugs and emotional crutches


  133. eatmorewords

    schools for disobedient boys
    Lord of the Flies with lunch breaks and football pictures

    (. a million miles away from an island of sun and fruit trees. )

    the Stanford Prison Experiment observed by academics and perverts


    collaborators: multiple johns


    relatives on the Mayflowers never sent back postcards


  134. eatmorewords

    the idea of sexual experimentation
    youthful dalliances
    no time to stop and smell the flowers
    Barbie and Ken dolls in positions that would make Ron Jeremy blush

    (I hate the sound of basketball
    the squeak of the shoe
    the bounce of the ball)


  135. multiplemichael

    amputated limbs vs. the absence of limbs dating from birth
    could you tiptoe up and kiss the nape, the flap, the jagged edge ?
    affectionate touching ? rub your nose on the raw part ?
    suckle on the tender bundle ?
    precious jewels


  136. eatmorewords

    they had a camera but no film
    they just pretended
    it kept you on your toes
    was you actually being watched?
    behavioural changes when observed
    you carried hat just in case
    quick change
    disguise man


  137. eatmorewords

    poverty at the bottom of the rung
    dirty collar shoes no laces
    can those skinny arms carry that weight?
    muscles like knots in rope
    boy bands with their sculptured hair
    always an odd number


    there are rumours and rumblings


  138. eatmorewords

    people with rubbish tattoos must have no pride in themselves
    – their children’s names etched on flesh just in case they forget them
    —-I weigh my words on imaginary scales


  139. eatmorewords

    the children know I gather dust in an office
    they know not to tread the same path as me
    when they were younger they thought I was a super hero
    someone who made a difference
    – they know their uncle used to carry a gun

    constant arguments about space and how to fill it


  140. eatmorewords

    the black lung
    the red death
    the crooked finger
    the reptilian brain took over
    can you copyright words?
    Or is it just the order in which they’re used?

    a cabal of lawyers know the answers


  141. multiplemichael

    the poet should never write about children
    being forced to wear thick gloves
    conservative farmhands were angry
    disrobed school teachers in the classroom
    psychologically vulnerable
    their personal cutlery
    a nude status symbol
    (+) innocent eyes locked on king-sized patches of hair


  142. multiplemichael

    poetry permits the poet to lay bare
    the vulnerable areas of his world
    demands and obligations
    judgmental readers:
    (+) tactual stimulation (sandpaper sheets)
    (+) suspicions of self-centeredness may arise


  143. multiplemichael

    a bodily grave for a new birth
    what a load of crap
    playing games with plenty of time for defecation
    masturbation with the monster bulb of orgasm
    ****the ego outgrows itself
    genital organs in a shoebox
    some separate the phallus
    from the anus
    (+) a carnival side show “SOLO-SODOMY”
    ingested, digested, wiped clean
    dismembering and enjoying the tease
    the combination of pleasure and pain
    calling lovers, “mommy”
    thinking daggers in daddy’s back


  144. multiplemichael

    join a club
    where everyone talks about no-demand sex
    the form and mystery of the human body
    a creation that made God sing and dance
    Leonard Cohen watching God through an anal opening
    God oozing an odoriferous attractant —saying the “C” word
    (+) God was the world’s first boy scout
    (+) God had a pocket knife with arms and legs


  145. multiplemichael

    join a club
    taught to express love in a non-sexual language
    neither party experienced an orgasm
    new age sensory enhancement
    people sit in a circle and discuss no-demand sex
    in the background somebody was playing jazz on a gourd


  146. eatmorewords

    Miles had no brake
    he moved like a bouncing ball
    – his unknown twin
    – how long have you lived in the shadows?
    – heated up under microscopes
    prodded by fingers attached to arms with holes where the drugs flooded through
    – garden of Eden killed the innocence Eve carried a picture of Miles in her wallet
    Adam pretended he didn’t notice

    a web of lies.


  147. eatmorewords

    Abe was like a magician
    keeping a rabbit under his hat
    if a meets by wasn’t going his way he’d wipe the rabbit out
    the course of American history would be different if it wasn’t for that rabbit


  148. eatmorewords

    a certain ratio
    allowed to slip through the net
    a small number climb up the ladder
    gives the impression of fairness
    tokenism facade
    tokenism facade
    amnesia proletariat*

    I heard some folk in the South think native Americans had blue eyes and blonde hair

    *stolen from a band from El-Paso


  149. eatmorewords

    I played monopoly and ended up homeless and on crack
    I passed go
    and wasn’t rewarded for my efforts
    I went directly to jail
    I made a knife from a rotten toothbrush

    I was the boot
    I was the car


  150. eatmorewords

    grenade pin pulled but she still had the device in her hand
    incendiary stuff
    ticking tick ticking tock

    iSolated hand with explosive metal

    simple solution of death but what if the light at the end of the tunnel was just you re-emerging from a vagina into another life?


  151. eatmorewords

    life lessons not learnt at school
    but reactions to situations
    – shitty drawings stuck on school corridor walls
    living in a time where WE’RE ALL WINNERS – medals for taking part

    5th grade Darwinism
    lord of the flies
    kid with the glasses
    insects burnt under lenses

    the gym block burnt down
    deflated basketballs


  152. eatmorewords

    some say the cloud up above was sent by God to punish the sinners and masturbators
    – some say the storm coming isn’t real more fake news for the meme generation
    – poets throw spare words into the wind and let them land on islands thousands of miles away

    our reality will change in the aftermath
    our reality will be altered in the ghost town debris
    of houses with holes in them like tanks have driven through


  153. eatmorewords

    first hand knowledge of things we’ve never seen
    or things we’ve never heard – flashbacks to birth
    flashbacks to the honeymoon
    fast forward to death
    fast forward to the afterlife
    a reoccurrence of all things you’ve already seen

    imagine coming back as yourself !

    what a waste


  154. eatmorewords

    astronauts change their socks daily
    – outer space hygiene
    – recycled urine
    – foreskins removed prior to lift off

    from up their they say the winds coming in they plotted its path while floating in a suit

    shitting in a bag
    8 miles high with no wifi


  155. eatmorewords

    leaking father (small semen tears at the end)
    lactating mother
    fluids flooded the house
    little Jimmy with a snorkel in his bedroom
    repressing memories at an early age
    repressed and compressed like carbon in his mind


  156. eatmorewords

    the wheelbarrow contained his prize
    the prize he didn’t want
    but he changed track
    wore a new pair of shoes
    walked a mile home
    tilting his hat and wishes everyone a good day

    a good day for lemonade


  157. eatmorewords

    at the flooded pool hall
    the balls couldn’t float
    they sunk to the bottom
    with the butts of a thousand French cigarettes

    the disagreeable spurt nearly blinded the wife


  158. eatmorewords

    the embarrassed hobos
    open and exposed to nature
    patriotic feelings for a country that only exists through a collective consciousness –
    – the hobo with his angry stomach travelling the tracks
    the joy of the gay parade


  159. eatmorewords

    has anyone seen the process from start to finish?
    from spark to full stop?
    the angels say it’s not palatable but they haven’t tried it…pleasure through experience –

    we all have something to write about some just can’t find the words
    stored in biscuit bins and buried below


  160. eatmorewords

    the smell in the freight train
    sodomy sweat whisky and gin
    straw bale beds

    the hypnotic noise of constant motion
    sent them into optimistic childhood dreams

    train tracks are veins

    poets with torches
    poets with matches
    arsonist poets

    Narcotic Agents full of narcotics


  161. eatmorewords

    I used to work in a mental institution
    full of men howling
    toothless women in slippers
    a low level cloud of nicotine
    people alive
    but barley living
    biting nails that pile up in the corner

    no electricity running through them


  162. multiplemichael

    chopped-up prose
    that makes one think about other aspects of sexuality
    early dating experiences—Spin the Bottle not Insert the Bottle
    sexual kissing, fondling, sticky hand-holding, odd pubic hairs
    poetry about the development of identity
    future astronauts refuse to watch television
    they float in tubs of hot water
    the North Pole standing tall


  163. multiplemichael

    social benefits with social costs
    driving across town
    kissing to foreplay to coitus
    the librarian sitting on parched ground
    double standard buttocks
    sex the double-edged sword
    sex—inherently risky and not worth a damn
    90 percent of 90 percent—just a wet spot


  164. multiplemichael

    living in the future while downloading the past
    there you were—90 percent of 90 percent
    kissing outside any real emotional connection
    ( it wasn’t your Batman cape that made you infamous )


  165. multiplemichael

    the doctor wet himself with excitement
    now he was getting past the exterior
    he was pushing the shovel into pay-dirt
    all those years the fruit hung on the tree
    now the fruit was ripe and ready to pick
    (+) those repressed and compressed thoughts had produced a DIAMOND


  166. multiplemichael

    the secret to life:
    thinking about last night
    how you stuck it in
    a friend of a friend
    the opportunity was there
    the necessity was there
    ( the storm of greater willingness )


  167. multiplemichael

    —————“DISAGREEABLE SPURTS”——————–
    flarf poets often spend hours completing anonymous surveys
    questions about your remaining lifetime
    questions about your desires
    indicators about tendencies
    rather than actual behavior


  168. multiplemichael

    a man in a dirty apron saying,
    “I cut off the clitoris because I want dependable character”
    “I cut off the clitoris because I want emotional stability”
    “I cut off the clitoris because I want a pleasing disposition”
    a silent thought brought to the surface:
    (+) if she cheats with another man, it will be for his pleasure
    and not hers (he will basically use her and move on)


  169. multiplemichael

    intelligent people talking about distinct circuits
    for lust, love, and attachment
    no mention of hobo sodomy
    what it takes to complete that task
    every single time that task needs to be done
    (+) one misfit flarf poet from Kentucky said that practice
    enables things to happen more easily and more quickly


  170. multiplemichael

    I enjoyed your poetry
    about XX and XY chromosome poetry
    the math of gene pairs
    a man of your stature taking risks
    hints of low levels of dopamine
    and chronic abuse of street drugs
    a noble savage among common savages


  171. multiplemichael

    how to find the value of your words
    carve them into a tree
    tackling the issues and questions
    that are relevant to men’s lives
    Robert Frost not having a boat or a canoe
    rode a log down the river of manhood


  172. multiplemichael

    directives that inform guys from the pool hall
    what masculinity means
    older males who demonstrate how to prove masculinity
    a world full of social prohibitions
    when it comes to attaining the safety of a tree
    inferior apes cannot reach the lowest branch
    the hungry predators have no compassion
    (+) thankful that only strong seed will survive


  173. multiplemichael

    feminized pillows being tossed outside Boy Scout tents
    used to ignite a large bonfire
    (+) large or small, anything to extinguish feminine behavior
    (+) large or small, anything to promote masculine behavior


  174. multiplemichael

    a climate of rain and fog
    your browser history
    impressionistic evocations
    conversations that transcend
    geographical boundaries
    as a poet
    one must act instinctively
    as the past does not dictate the present
    there is nothing comforting
    about the amnesia of reality
    (+) how long have you been in the present ?
    (+) where were you previously ?


  175. multiplemichael

    —————–I have no idea what a spreadsheet is
    paper printed with the math of Hades
    paper printed with the crimes of industry
    you told me that you were afraid to look at a spreadsheet
    it was as if you were a child afraid to meet your mother’s eyes


  176. multiplemichael

    a FLARF dictionary so large that it wouldn’t fit under the bed
    people refuse to discuss the bedroom of Adam and Eve
    the boredom room—the encounter room
    sleazy stuff that angered God
    ( so upset that He took the man out of Eve)


  177. multiplemichael

    a romantic life filled with librarians and police stenographers
    a backyard full of weeds and Peeping Toms
    catastrophe camped at every corner
    that a particular group of words
    could plunge me into the past
    evoking mysterious memories


  178. multiplemichael

    poets in berets
    with expensive socks
    the distinct smell of Mick Jagger
    like a 150 hundred dollar bills
    in an envelope made from a telephone book page
    later in a parked car with white nostrils
    memories of myself will start crowding back


  179. multiplemichael

    a kick in the nut sac:
    thoughts about the size of poetry
    poetry has probably never really changed size
    the boundaries of poetry have been placed at great cost
    arm restraints on a civil war bed
    the internals and the externals


  180. multiplemichael

    no choice (other) than to grow up
    become mature
    to remove my angel shoes
    and stand barefoot in the manure
    of everyday common life
    trying to communicate
    but failing terribly
    everything comes out like I am giving orders
    “look at me, I am the Boss Man with invisible powers”


  181. multiplemichael

    memories of a young Ron Jeremy
    he could perform oral on himself
    ————-solo-suck ?
    circles from which we come
    to which we return
    some head, some average intercourse
    then backdoor and a splash in the face


  182. multiplemichael

    intelligent people in a small room
    thinking about three words
    the cleaning lady handed one of the men a mirror


  183. multiplemichael

    viewer-participants engaged in a poetry workshop
    poets dressed in canvas paintings of cave paintings
    if you report that a swastika appeared in your dream
    the government will cut off a finger


  184. eatmorewords

    woman at the counter with a riding crop
    frothing around the lip
    – dry lip kissed the rough edges
    raw parts
    fresh chopped meat
    she was my tender bundle of blood and bones

    *a limbless man in water was called Bob


  185. eatmorewords

    conservative farmhands fear the machines
    conservative farmhands love their calloused hands
    (caressing their wife’s with roughly hewn hands….a certain thrill)

    —still life drawing
    cocks and apples
    Zeppelin breasts
    thatch of hair charcoal fingers

    trying to draw while laughing hard

    disrobed a book

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  186. eatmorewords

    the ego outgrew me
    it left my body and never came back
    it’s got it own life now
    married with two kids
    – I was empty
    – I spent time selecting words
    time spent searching
    – the sodomites stayed to their part of town – some joined the circus bringing their homemade phallus


  187. multiplemichael

    LIFE is the time spent searching for words
    famous pool hall quote, “words are the nails in the coffin”
    dead people just wrapped in plastic and dropped in cement
    nails serve no purpose—none to be found in the hardware department
    I didn’t want to be something that I wasn’t
    afraid of compromise as if it was a diseased bat


  188. multiplemichael

    it was just as easy to inflate a gymnasium
    as it was to inflate a condom
    transforming everyday objects into balloons
    it was easy for me to be a Caucasian
    I could be as fake as a three dollar bill
    an American with a shovel in his pants
    having removed the best parts of multiple people
    romanticized in youth—now it just hangs there


  189. multiplemichael

    the material signifiers (limbs)
    to establish the context of the body
    ———————–poetry executed by an assistant across the ocean
    how does one measure the provocative vitality of hobo sodomy ?


  190. multiplemichael

    children forced to wear thick gloves at the supper table
    poetry about the formation of gender and sexual identity
    quantitative data on the other son—stacks of evidence
    (+) later in life he was trusted with a firearm


  191. multiplemichael

    it was fraud
    the photographs of the clitoris were fake
    having seen the good, the bad, and the deformed
    baby size dongs with no nut sac
    and exposed tonsils slick with slime
    gray flesh and Greek hair thick and long
    ———-nothing more need be said


  192. multiplemichael

    Leonard Cohen singing,
    “you want it darker”
    what color is the pink inch ?
    how bad will it feel ?
    pinched and poked
    nothing spontaneous
    the naughty thumb


  193. multiplemichael

    they find it difficult to journey into Dark Town
    pale humans heavy with dishonesty
    2 police departments but no hospital
    12,000 handguns and no dental care
    a pleasant city at noon
    penetrable in the bright sunlight
    the million dollar question
    you buying or are you selling ?


  194. multiplemichael

    warned about acting like females
    strong arm boy scouts
    promoting healthy masculine behavior
    “feminized” male teachers planting seeds
    being punched and kicked
    having poetry books
    tossed at their heads
    (+) lesbians flashing knives made with deer horns


  195. multiplemichael

    intimate with male friends
    bastard disciplinarians
    children of librarians
    children of lesbians
    very few opportunities to explore
    not a single trusted confidant
    some crazy old detective magazines
    catalogs of women in their underwear


  196. eatmorewords

    insert oil in the bottle
    bloodied rage
    Molotov angles and bloated babies
    at the barricades
    (the soft sound of piano)
    the vanguard of revolutionary actions – same see
    hand in hand
    present day confusion over sexuality a blanket ban of calling yourself MALE


  197. multiplemichael

    serpents were lounging, laughing
    arguments among the angels
    Alfred Hitchcock was really British
    he got larger and larger
    galloping through calories
    the larger he got
    the less women feared him
    yanking back and forth
    little spurts in private


  198. multiplemichael

    (+) sibling rivalries
    flarf poetry that motivates sexual avoidance
    cancels competition for women at school
    punishments dished out to the weak
    swirls from the cauldron of lust
    a footnote claims that the deceiver
    is ignorant of deception
    blind to motives
    ****you asked her what she was thinking
    she became very destructive
    she broke laws
    testing the legal system
    (+) your selfish motives came to the surface
    (+) you suddenly discovered a love not trod by most men


  199. multiplemichael

    no matter the times Matt Wilson washed his hands
    he could still smell Elvin Jones and Roy Haynes
    out of fear of reprisal he remained silent
    doubt attached to fact, the perpetual grasp


  200. multiplemichael

    illegal drugs and prostitution
    improvised sex in Dark Town whorehouses
    poetry about white men in cages
    the discomfort of naked white men
    geography measured in inches
    bizarre could never escape itself
    poets floating on the surface of recognizable bizarre


  201. multiplemichael

    children throwing rocks at Thelonious Monk
    thinking in more than one voice
    walking like a duck
    small dogs imitating a trumpet
    ambiguous sounds behind doors
    it is your decision
    submit to divine authority
    the gifts from enemies are not gifts
    ROCKS: conga, mambo, tango, rhumba, calypso
    GIFTS: conga, mambo, tango, rhumba, calypso


  202. eatmorewords

    little Jimmy raised with
    unobtainable goals
    the bottom rung of a ladder
    unable to view the top
    —- unbearable pressure
    like crushed under dinosaur feet
    —unbearable pressure that turned him from carbon to a diamond
    little Jimmy


  203. eatmorewords

    the code of hat tilting
    secret signs
    all men are created equal
    except for some
    who aren’t
    those who hobble past in tattered shoes and dirty flags that have touched the ground


  204. eatmorewords

    anonymous surveys and multiple choice questions
    safer bets
    always pick the one in the middle
    middle wicket English village green
    answer feed through a machine that spits out flarf answers
    that make no sense
    just words
    and men in designer pants


  205. multiplemichael

    I saw a flarf poem
    tonal quality from a drum
    might be struck anywhere
    from the center to the rim
    metallic slurs
    white people jealous
    of the haven of friendship
    displayed on stage
    the old heroic code
    live hating your enemies
    die hating your enemies
    the guy from church
    with his final reassertion of hatred


  206. multiplemichael

    misled uptown poet
    the Flarf man
    working as a sideman
    for a minstrel show
    with black and white stripes
    doing a jungle-movie dance
    silences between bouts and bumps
    kissing might lead to coitus
    a loaded handgun
    under the pillow


  207. eatmorewords

    Teenage confusion:
    I knew I liked woman
    and spent years thinking I must be a lesbian –
    — erasing paragraphs from the bible like a child screaming with his fingers in his ears —
    if it’s removed it never happened
    —all those people in the cemetery never existed
    vertical burials in the wasteland


  208. eatmorewords

    Wing walker Lindbergh with his Amelia Earhart tattoo –
    jet fuel perfume in date night
    –Lindbergh flew Swastika patterns over Nebraskan cornfields
    –shit filed trousers over the Atlantic


  209. eatmorewords

    distinct circuits miscommunicated with each other
    small clouds of smoke
    indicated damage
    –time and motion study conducted on the subject of love–

    the townspeople agreed the only solution was to squash him in a cannon and fire him across the Delaware


  210. eatmorewords

    magnetic attraction of polar opposites
    the coffee counter girl would reluctantly serve me tea

    she asked me about the Moors
    she asked if I knew the Queen
    she asked if I’d met the Beatles

    she wrote name incorrectly
    she called me Jon


  211. multiplemichael

    sleeping pills don’t work
    a warm glass of milk doesn’t HELP
    Death cuddles itself to enter a restful shutdown
    closing shop on a world of endless hysteria and gloom


  212. multiplemichael

    in some strange manner
    fake detectives were like premature autopsies
    the living were being treated as if they were dead
    innocent people were being swirled into guilt
    it was difficult to find a group with a jazz rhythm


  213. multiplemichael

    listen Baby Bird
    it won’t be me re-emerging from a rat hole
    it may be Charles Mingus
    or some lucky soul
    who can give form to improvisation
    ****the world needs new passages to adventurous improvisations


  214. multiplemichael

    sausage assaulted with scissors
    she said that she nipped it in the buds
    on his forehead the word “WILTS” was visible
    he put all romantic dates on halt and became a novelist
    it became increasingly more difficult to refrain from washing his hands


  215. eatmorewords

    I was tethered to the past
    I admit
    I couldn’t outrun my shadow
    glued to history
    an equation never ending
    the algorithms directed me to you – suspicious scientists followed me into toilets to collect DNA
    – a mushroom cloud over darktown

    -your wife hipped lover was the best you’d ever had


  216. eatmorewords

    psychologically I was stunted
    – couldn’t grow up
    -couldn’t let nature take its course
    people take pills and rattle
    people remove skin to change
    (the Joan effect)

    trying to communicate in stutters and burst
    morse code mumblings
    flarf dot
    eyebrow dashes

    I had powers
    but I lost them


  217. eatmorewords

    I looked in the mirror
    behind me a glimmer of a ghost
    the newly dead Hugh Hefner
    spectrally stalking young woman in shopping malls and colleague dorms

    some days it feels like I’m walking through sludge


  218. eatmorewords

    stolen symbols and twisted images
    upside down crucifix
    the symbolism of nothing
    if Jesus died in a car crash would people wear small metal cars round their neck?

    – take a knee

    – let the flag touch the ground burnt with the hot tip of a French cigarette


  219. multiplemichael

    Hugh Hefner, famous for ploughing beautiful women
    may have never walked more than a city block
    in his entire adult life
    he was so weak
    that his legs
    were like giant silkworms
    they could barely support his gigantic nut sac

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  220. multiplemichael

    and then there is the wife
    ————–who will readily
    interrupt her activities to have sex
    “hang up the phone and jump on the bone”
    a simple life of pornography
    too extreme for the cable networks


  221. multiplemichael

    a private mental thesaurus
    before puberty
    after puberty
    busy following the bullet trajectories backwards
    gravitational pull over a long distance
    self-hypnosis and heterosexual saliva
    her mouth was all wet and funny tasting


  222. multiplemichael

    a crucifix with a can opener
    tiny tins of strange Greek fish
    bright silver with metallic eyes
    the swellest Dad in all the world
    first-person poetry
    step outside
    and record it on paper
    fanciful flarf
    (+) secretly on good terms with pleasure


  223. multiplemichael

    when one sex comes through the door
    another sex goes out the window
    detectives sit in their automobile
    overbearing bastards
    holiday aftershave
    pee in a plastic bottle
    swollen lumps on their anal area
    salamanders from a poor diet
    the squirm of sodomy
    my God, how could it feel good ?


  224. multiplemichael

    somehow she takes credit
    for your stream-of-consciousness
    when your Vonnegut turned up missing
    guess who threw it away
    you caught her with a dead rat
    she said that she was on “rat control”


  225. eatmorewords

    I tried to join the club
    but I was refused
    not accepted
    – I had a vague recollection of sex –
    I saw a video once
    – a gaping hole in need of cleaning

    the magic holy knife with a stick of dynamite


  226. eatmorewords

    with membership came a disclaimer
    a wager of silence
    you couldn’t un-see what you saw but you couldn’t mention it – you had to be keep it inside
    – it gave you palpitations
    you could feel ulcers growing
    your fatty acids
    leaking and slippery underfoot

    I don’t need the stress I told the wife


  227. multiplemichael

    somewhere I read about a vacation to Greece
    a fancy motel, “THE ECUADOR”
    a one-star hotel, “THE ECUADOR”
    a piece of plywood leaned against a wall
    good for 5 days but only 4 nights
    (+) telepathic communications (YES)
    (+) WIFI and cellphone (NO)
    the tinsel taped to the wood was a warning to other residents
    “BACK OFF”


  228. multiplemichael

    the drugs made one aware
    that large numbers of ghosts would collect
    around the bed
    to stare at your physical body
    ****being alive was one thing
    ****having a physical body was another


  229. multiplemichael

    one of the ghosts
    said, “the sexes should be separated”
    insects concentrated on sociological factors
    insects concentrated on biological factors
    they found recognition to be frightening
    everything and everyone should be strangers
    ****being unique was a violation of the code


  230. multiplemichael

    at church, the priest advised everyone
    to go outside and purchase a Coca-Cola
    people who drink the popular soft drink
    are less visible to hostile demons
    the process of evolution in a glass bottle
    a thin metal can
    innocent people guilty of art
    spawned in the caves of Europe


  231. multiplemichael

    small talk about a vacation to Greece
    a combination of pictorial and character language
    ten different words for a cheap hotel/motel
    ten different words for a piece of plywood
    leaning on a wall providing minimum protection
    a lean-to with tinsel to identify ownership
    a safe haven from street people with scrapbooks


  232. multiplemichael

    night clubs offering handsome men with curls
    alcohol and narcotics and sex
    compulsive verbalizers
    in a fake garden of delights
    overhead angels recorded the activity
    so God could watch at a later date


  233. multiplemichael

    the poet tampering with reality
    what ever happened to blue-butt women ?
    more lovers to outsurvive
    throw another book on the fire
    people building the Ark
    they eating good
    meals walk up wide-eyed
    Noah blowing snot out his nose


  234. multiplemichael

    the only thing that I can say
    she warms up real nice
    smells like a kerosene heater
    where she sleeps
    leftover material
    one morning
    I saw her throw a dead rat
    out the window


  235. multiplemichael

    a one way ticket to the Galapagos Archipelago
    a simple sweat without pleasure
    the airplane was scary
    missing seats
    you could see the pilot
    the cabin door with a shotgun hole
    ————–my name on the ticket was abbreviated


  236. multiplemichael

    being alive was one thing
    having a physical body
    was another
    first-person wanting to fornicate with third-person
    completely unjustified suspicion
    the new girlfriend seems electric
    her plug is off-limits


  237. multiplemichael

    dwelling on sex
    solo sex—-honeymoon sex
    expensive drugs without a name
    different color dope in thick plastic bags
    things that rewrite the novel of consciousness
    (+) rearrange the map, Daddy


  238. eatmorewords

    translucent old folk with veins like rivers under arid skin
    some just bones, memories and undigested food
    – a pocket full of pills
    – placebo expense
    – an hours ride into darktown in public transport
    – rotting groceries in canvas bags
    – a question he asked himself everyday: did I kill 6 Nazis for this?

    – a bruise that grows daily darkening his skin


  239. multiplemichael

    overlapping levels of gossip
    autobiographical to the point of fiction
    different mirrors for different days
    Capote was hiding out at my place
    I know why they say he is a chameleon
    the little rat bastard


  240. multiplemichael

    Marie Curie keeps calling for you
    I know the world is her audience
    that she constantly seeks attention
    and demands sympathy
    I also remember that you said
    her vagina
    was like a sweating
    champagne bucket
    that sex with her
    was no longer credible
    ****death erases the purring


  241. multiplemichael

    I heard you praying last night before bed
    telling God that you were finished
    with being served half-believed lies
    may be that you should toss your friends to the curb
    and start out with a new collection of strangers
    people less ragged
    a woman with less fruit
    a more narrow passageway
    ****a woman who demands expensive socks on her man


  242. multiplemichael

    swore the gun had a roguish smile
    crackpots from the pool hall
    argued about their private sexual antics
    “hurry-up” time
    a billion women
    tired of surrendering
    tired of handbrake skids


  243. multiplemichael

    tiny babies preserved in pickle jars
    gifts from the radiation clinic
    probably against the law
    add it to the list
    metal with a hum
    chapters in the book:
    (+) missing possibly lost
    (+) injured possibly maimed
    (+) mutilated or worse
    (+) unconscious but alive
    (+) unconscious and dead


  244. multiplemichael

    an emergency visit to the bathroom
    late at night
    people three rooms down
    heard the commode seat being lifted
    people five rooms down
    heard the load being unleashed
    such a deed would detonate
    a powerful stink bomb
    ****he should have gone outside
    (relatives sitting on the edge of their beds
    with wet towels pressed to their faces)


  245. eatmorewords

    expensive hotel
    with two windows smashed out
    like the black eyes of a beaten spouse
    – no static on the line
    the safety valve tripped

    people expressing themselves with angrily written words to people in authority

    no could hear over the sound of gun shots


  246. eatmorewords

    nervous groom tapping his leg
    fidgeting with new ring on finger nervously tapping his leg with finger nail bitten nervously thinking “will it go in without a struggle?”


  247. eatmorewords

    he was English and feared woman
    used pecking birds as metaphor
    – dark and sinister
    back street post war
    the reintroduction of meat into the food chain

    ego the size of small South American dictatorship

    dead woman in the hotel


  248. multiplemichael

    whatever personal suffering
    had been served on a platter
    in the marriage
    was only a minuscule fraction
    of the suffering that existed in the world
    (+) disillusioned grooms pleading like sheep


  249. eatmorewords

    sibling rivalry
    boxing brothers punishing each other
    to much exercise
    a pounding heart
    the sweats
    night shivers from withdrawal
    underuse of the chemical

    medical footnote measures in milligrams


  250. eatmorewords

    at school we had a swimming pool
    the water was always cold
    and on the surface
    their were flies
    resting wings
    we were born with no expiry date stamped on our rears


  251. eatmorewords

    each day we’re in a cell
    a cell with computers
    underground cables
    – the whorehouse closed at noon
    to clean up and start again
    – the roundabout of repetition
    – the man who couldn’t pay
    crouched down on the fire escape


  252. eatmorewords

    without linguistic rules
    cavemen spoke in flarf
    – prehistoric poetry
    at a time they used their dongs as weapons
    a skin hammer
    – each sentence grunted out
    – the younger cavemen made new rules
    a move away from flarf
    something more rigid


  253. eatmorewords

    sometimes the avant-garde mistake rubbish for art
    – trying to find beauty where there is none (dead junkie on a mattress
    -an unmade bed)

    – the mayor of darktown said describing something with words most people need a dictionary to understand
    does not make it art –

    – the scream, stolen again


  254. multiplemichael

    the thief who robs the reproductive function
    semen displaced with a squeeze and a tug
    all those get well cards gone to waste
    think of all the musicians humiliated
    by the arrival of rock and roll


  255. multiplemichael

    incredible schlong
    a sense of humor
    known as
    “rake the furnace clean”
    poetry published in small books
    sold in drugstores and discount markets
    lawyers inform me that I could make a buck
    when I visit my Spanish girlfriend
    her parents make me show my vaccination marks


  256. multiplemichael

    so far you’ve mailed me photos of you
    riding on a bus with no seats
    riding on a mule next to a sign
    a frontier poet
    a man not afraid of a large clitoris
    she has a beard and a scrotum
    dawdle all you like
    one day it will be your turn
    your chocolate on the spoon


  257. multiplemichael

    meaningless thoughts
    with or without a dictionary
    remain a mistake
    bootless natives make no noise
    I look at their genitals up close
    mucus and cheese—a god awful smell
    sit in my tent with crystal meth and bug net


  258. multiplemichael

    he talked about her today
    like she wasn’t dead
    he said that she was unquenchable
    he was her drink
    we talked numbers
    as we dug her grave
    you mentioned Kerouac
    beckoned down by angels


  259. multiplemichael

    people in cubicles with dictionary words
    enormous numbers of words
    wheelbarrows of words
    paintings of Gertrude Stein
    artists on Peyote
    constantly copying her likeness
    sometimes heartbreaking
    sometimes humorous
    a minuscule fraction of her true self
    ****a burlesque girl cat with large green eyes


  260. multiplemichael

    look up a reality for me:
    tell me it isn’t true
    that people are donating
    their unwanted pets
    to the zoo
    to feed the staff
    to feed the lions
    tell me it isn’t true


  261. multiplemichael

    to become steadily less
    one day it will be your turn
    your chocolate on the spoon
    with the fever
    the Lord pounding in my skull
    asking me why I am not humiliated
    asking me why you are not humiliated


  262. eatmorewords

    the talk of jazz &
    discussions on Kraut rock
    Berlin basements
    damp patches in Bowies flat
    in East Berlin they had fake coffee – dried soil granules and they only had home made instruments
    – the secret police arrested Popple thinking people were making bombs
    – there were always a thousand eyes watching


  263. eatmorewords

    when they dug up corpse there was just bone
    and leather shoes full of worms
    – they thought the laces were moving

    vertical burials
    earth bound slot machines


  264. eatmorewords

    each day I am the embodiment of both improvisation and method acting

    – no one gives me a script in the morning I must make my own lines
    —-currently I am playing the role of a bored office worker —



  265. multiplemichael

    had to pay a sentimental tax
    on some homosexual fantasies
    got confused about the underwater underwear
    big nut sacs floating in the warm fluid
    genital jellyfish scrotums
    ebbs and flows
    lubricant today and tomorrow
    old birds bent over wanting full aggravation
    to hell with unsanitary sex
    to hell with the brown blockade
    wearing the human body like a wetsuit
    Eve wanting to remodel her body
    to refashion her language
    ****Eve wanting to destroy Adam
    ****Eve wanting to tackle the Lord


  266. multiplemichael

    nobody watches movies
    now that policemen wear cameras
    filming themselves killing citizens
    the raw evening news
    who died
    and why
    officers on paid leave
    at Disney Nest with family members
    the wife knows he never wears a condom
    she knows that she has the WHORE disease
    tested positive on three tests


  267. multiplemichael

    everybody loves Peyote
    the two halves split apart
    the latrine parts fall off
    or slam shut never to open
    ————-Sweet Jesus
    ideally prays away the physical body
    the world is one free of language


  268. multiplemichael

    (+) a great white whale in Times Square
    it exploded
    Chinese people took some
    the rest was given to the zoo
    didn’t make the evening news
    there was some hipster dialogue
    “the creature was free of hate”
    ****the death of the whale was an assault on all mankind
    ****total disrespect for Creation
    ****obscenity beyond naked humans


  269. multiplemichael

    couldn’t stop crying about the Leviathan
    inhaled some poppy inhaled some more
    I knew Jesus would be upset
    bold and fearless connections
    Leviathan and his family
    guarded the Ark
    on its journey
    ****in a weird way, Leviathan was daddy


  270. eatmorewords

    she forgot full stops
    stammered over lo lo lo long words- reconstituted meat made from sawdust and sand
    —she coughed daily
    spluttered a dry heave at the coffee counter


  271. multiplemichael

    in Greece with credit cards galore
    ——————credit cards that switch
    on the light bulb over the character
    known as Daddy
    combative in the restaurant
    “no more salty fish”
    fat noodles with toe-jam cheese
    spuds with slaw and lima beans
    ‘just scrape it over to the side
    and eat the meat”


  272. multiplemichael

    channeling the sexual instinct
    into the production of poetry
    insufficiently civilized
    insufficiently sophisticated
    just the sight of a four-letter word
    and the juices are flowing


  273. multiplemichael

    sorry to say that Greece
    has been thoroughly surveyed
    admirers of madness
    those begging the Lord
    for more prurient literature
    must measure and declare
    oral or anal
    (+) trying to raise snakes in Switzerland


  274. eatmorewords

    all my children entered the world through a wound
    – made with silver metallic
    – I was left behind in the maternity wing
    – at the time I was first person
    – Johnny boy was third person –
    – my children were swaddled in fur & outside smokestacks coughed


  275. eatmorewords

    one of these days
    these days will end

    when people didn’t understand Death
    they buried you in a casket with a bell
    death got bored and didn’t finish the job*

    *death isn’t a lazy builder running out of 2×4
    or nails


  276. eatmorewords

    no such thing as a homo
    sexual ghost
    phantasmagoric images captured on X-ray
    – a total lack or sexual organs or orientation
    it was just enough for them to have escaped the clutches of death


  277. eatmorewords

    the sound of a can of Coke opening is the sound of Satan leaving your soul

    the church of Coke
    artistic glass bottles of the 1950s
    shaped like woman you wanted to lick


  278. eatmorewords

    so many ignorant things people fly to Greece thinking it’s Turkey –
    – geographical confusion
    – confusion with their funny money
    everything lost in translation
    camping site in a shanty town
    words used that are older the me your country
    s ignorant people flying to Portugal thinking it’s Spain



  279. eatmorewords

    a billion lizards
    future handbags for the rich white folk on Rodeo Drive
    – cavemens fur
    carbon dated before purchase –
    worn by the rich white folk
    antique clothing covered in dust
    adds value

    the mystery wrapped up in dead animal


  280. eatmorewords

    they threw books on the fire BUT THEY NEVER BURNT
    indestructible flarf
    confused the librarian

    over dinner they talked about the ark
    the spirit of Noah was there,
    in the sausages
    hidden in the fridge

    they felt his presence


  281. eatmorewords

    bumpy fight
    alcohol at 30,000 ft
    captains playing poker while the plane flies itself
    a strange smell of BBQ food filled the air
    empty seats
    I was passenger number one

    I went to the toilet and wandered where did all the waste go?


  282. eatmorewords

    scorched marks on duvet
    outlines of death
    glowing Ms.Curie was a fairground attraction wheeled out at the Worlds Fair
    her glowing aura rivalled Teslas magic lights

    (but you couldn’t kiss teslas lights)


  283. eatmorewords

    overlapping comments
    02.10.2017 – I am a dog
    chasing its tail –
    hare and the tortoise
    life lessons for the pre-pubescent

    let the thieves in through the front door
    rat bastards everywhere


  284. eatmorewords

    all possible combinations
    life as a pick n mix
    vending machines administer feelings on payday
    Marie Curies house shines and can be seen from the moon
    – astronauts point at it and piss in to tubes


  285. multiplemichael

    teen years arrived and it was hand grenades
    combat with the passions
    weaknesses of the flesh
    (and who resides in the chair of laziness ?)
    daddy thinks everyone are different
    mommy thinks everyone are the same
    they both praise that other lad
    the camouflaged rat


  286. multiplemichael

    Bob Dylan floating above the mob of folk singers
    —afraid somewhere in his youth he questioned the value of God
    —he sang, “you gotta serve somebody” but did he serve the Lord ?
    soaring in the clouds
    everlasting contemplation
    and glorification
    love, love, love
    ****secretly, religion as slavery ?


  287. multiplemichael

    the hotel lobby was free of nymphs and satyrs
    one morning a group of retired librarians
    were discussing the eggs of Leda


  288. eatmorewords

    feminised male female men masculine ladies
    big knuckles and loud sounds from the toilet cubicles
    – having a wang doth not make a man –

    – the puss of the system leaks through all the gaps –


  289. eatmorewords

    bastard son
    an apparent motherless child
    – some confusion over lineage –
    a big grey empty hole
    question mark for a face

    – online searches reveal little


  290. multiplemichael

    you stole the magazine
    from the barbershop

    you daily beckon the angel
    to offer him an arcade ride

    I can use the word, “bootblack” in a sentence
    ego thoughts sitting proud in the bootblack chair


  291. multiplemichael

    no ordinary needs please
    the traffic is buzzing
    with artificial needs
    (+) artificial romance
    many dividing walls between us
    I hear rattling castanets
    you experience goats
    with circles painted
    around their eyes
    ****you arrived with musicians, now they are gone


  292. multiplemichael

    Kitty was chubby
    but not chubby enough
    she wanted to fill herself
    with German soldiers
    intercourse never interrupted
    gorge yourself on filthy candy
    make you have Nazi shits
    no need to struggle
    just smile and make warm


  293. multiplemichael

    the first time one walks into the gift shop
    one notices that everything
    has “souvenir” written on it
    questionable price tags
    from alligator hide bible covers
    to sandals made from car tires
    **** no postcards of small donkeys available


  294. eatmorewords

    Jagger lips available for everyone
    at a cost
    – fake hearts
    – limbs connected to machines
    – a human with micro chips
    – a North Korean hacker
    hacks in
    controls the human
    at a distance
    even simpleminded people can look smart


  295. multiplemichael

    exhibitionistic performances at a price

    the source of life forks at an obscene junction
    the basin of sin with slick mucus
    chance happenings
    pander to romance
    (+) asking for as much as possible
    (+) yielding as little as possible
    swallowing oxygen
    her entire harmonica
    in your mouth


  296. eatmorewords

    Roman Catholic flarf
    nailed to the door in a German town
    the folk turned up to read the words
    some seemed cold fused
    mute cavemen buried five fathoms deep


  297. eatmorewords

    the peyote dictionary turned into a colourful rock
    then the wreckage of a car
    (two dead occupants inside)
    a man donating his eyes to the school of the blind
    lions become cats become mice and disappear down a hole


  298. multiplemichael

    they sell these small terra-cotta heads
    that one can spread seeds
    on and grow green hair
    some people collect things
    they’ve stolen from the wing
    try to go straight
    sleep in straitjacket underpants
    some morphine
    and the snake fear
    fades away
    some more morphine
    and the snake grows in size
    inching its way closer to your heart


  299. multiplemichael

    the snake got closer and closer
    to my heart
    I woke up father
    and I said
    “daddy, daddy, it’s the serpent
    going to my heart”
    he brushed me aside
    having failed in his march
    through the quarry
    the caves that got explored
    the caves that did not


  300. multiplemichael

    what seems like a hundred years later
    I go to the coffee counter girl
    and get my two scoops of meth
    stupidity on my part
    grim warnings
    little boys and girls
    don’t do as I have done
    turn off the lights and I glow


  301. multiplemichael

    the cancer has grown to the surface
    rubber gloves to touch me
    green goo in the bed pan
    people beg me
    to walk away from the narcotics
    the pain being very mathematical
    a handful of these
    a handful of those
    I like the time-space pills
    I like the two scoops of meth
    I ask the coffee counter girl
    about her sources
    she says, “they are bad men”
    I know they wear leather
    and ride giant motorcycles
    I entertain daydreams
    that they will kill me

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  302. multiplemichael

    I try to watch documented portrayals of life
    but they are all lies
    (+) brutally exaggerated reality: zombies eating brains
    (+) mysteriously darkened incest
    driving through Kentucky
    uneducated children standing beside the highway
    enjoying the breeze from passing cars
    when I feel the urge to cry
    I think about the helplessness of poverty


  303. eatmorewords

    One Christmas I was ankle deep in wrapping paper
    crunching under tiny feet
    a machine in a box
    with no batteries but connected to the mains

    – we woke the next day & behaved like werewolves


  304. eatmorewords

    reality fly on the wall movies
    cops shooting black kids
    kids filming bullying beatings
    you sometimes can’t catch what they are saying

    – the gun cop
    with itchy fingers
    sodomized at the academy
    sleeps wrapped in the flag


  305. eatmorewords

    a whale swimmer down the Thames
    bloated it floated down the cities veins
    they flew a helicopter in and blew it up
    – – it was on the news
    –pictures of dead nature


  306. eatmorewords

    she took me down into the catacombs
    under Leviathan
    rows of skulls
    and piles of bones
    where propel never reached their destination
    at the fork in the road
    sign posts to Leviathan


  307. multiplemichael

    a truckload of dialogue
    at the wedding
    alienation from the previous
    more auditory than visual
    suitcases in the skull
    you threw them away
    but they returned
    none the better
    —————————–all those requests for assistance
    —————————–barriers and boarded up windows
    —————————–forgotten in a merciless romance
    —————————–I cannot lie, suitcases in the skull
    (+) you threw us away
    (+) you replaced us


  308. multiplemichael

    when guests signed themselves in
    they underlined their names
    with degrees of independence
    masters of their situations
    (+) not a single gram of truth
    no one was willing to sacrifice
    with demons swallowing all the oxygen
    performance reality in a catastrophic environment


  309. multiplemichael

    romance being a victim of slow death
    cattle bones and chalk-white flesh
    maximum assistance
    with the reminiscences
    the tender tongue gone
    having talked itself
    free of a male dilemma
    the tender tongue gone
    having set up a new nest
    sincerity the daughter
    at best, a photograph


  310. multiplemichael

    you talk about the desire to experiment
    you wave that exploitation card
    thoughts translated
    materialized into symbols
    the librarian calls your words
    hidden from loved ones
    hidden from your very self
    (+) ghosts once under the weight of the Plymouth Rock


  311. eatmorewords

    I have friend who is currently in Florida
    – he has put on three stone
    – he keeps having visions of Mickey Mouse
    – he got lost in a mall
    – had a heart attack at the Epcot centre
    – people approached him to hear his accent
    – his daughter wants to be an astronaut


  312. eatmorewords

    on the honeymoon night
    their bodies made pleasing geometry
    – insufficiently experienced but willing to ‘give it a go’
    – Niagara flows

    the hotels supplied umbrellas


  313. eatmorewords

    Victorian opium addicts retreated to Greece for convalescence
    it seemed like going back in time
    – woman with dust in the creases of their face
    Aristotle’s shadow spread over the mountains

    there are no lions there


  314. multiplemichael

    a thousand knife stabs and Jesus advises you not to worry
    death of the physical body means nothing
    one second after death
    Jesus advises you to start being nervous
    your soul may be dragged to the chopping block
    he who reigns in death
    may be ready with his axe swing of membership


  315. multiplemichael

    and I tried to educate the other prisoners
    that one must die in the abundance of life
    a simple warning about the destructive death
    of having lived a life of little abundance
    a Leviathan of sin


  316. eatmorewords

    serviced the need to release
    treadmill albums full of
    dime store lyrics – one step up from flarf
    — churning it out
    –churning it out
    an assembly line of music that doesn’t soar into the clouds
    it crashes to earth


  317. multiplemichael

    Pharaoh in a basement snapping his fingers
    singing with Bob Dylan,
    “his axe swing of membership”
    filled with purpose
    a few willing
    a few more unwilling
    hearing is simple
    but tell us what you understand
    vision is simple
    but tell us what you understand
    reality running 24/7
    from the physical to the spiritual
    flooded in bright light
    —————a thief, a robber


  318. eatmorewords

    the hotel lobby:
    midnight refuge for waifs and strays
    you see the ripped carpet?
    a vending machine with a flickering light?
    a framed picture of something in-American.

    no famous names in the register

    you can hear bugs rattling


  319. eatmorewords

    it was copy
    illegally downloaded
    the trumpet sounded wrong
    the trumpet sounded wrong
    ( you could hear the holy spirit leave the body)

    people at the side of the road were selling souvenirs and half cooked meats


  320. eatmorewords

    the hotel lobby
    hasn’t been cleaned since 1976
    – that old man in the chair hasn’t moved since 1985
    bell boys check out the hookers in the bar
    – – – at reception you can ask for extras

    – upstairs: hollow corridors


  321. eatmorewords

    “Bootblack” – offended many
    – black like moles –
    – Dylan Thomas’s night “moonless night in the small town,
    starless and bible-black” –
    – a proud ego
    collapsed under the negative weight


  322. multiplemichael

    during the war
    the Hotel lobby
    was a blackmarket restaurant
    they served local meat and crackers
    the cigarette girl had tobacco and papers
    she was corroded and crippled but good in bed
    your good looks and athlete’s stride made her saccharin sweet


  323. multiplemichael

    possibly a second circumcision ?
    (+) write curious anecdotes about foreskins
    every circumcision not performed in Father’s name
    will be rooted up…. clearing the field for battle
    **** in the military, men often stood around naked
    so everything was apparent


  324. multiplemichael

    I was shocked by the tombstones in the lobby
    looking at hookers with a connoisseur’s eye
    sordidness in a tight package
    impeccable credentials


  325. multiplemichael

    lethargic indifference
    wanting to leave the room
    to discover a woman ripe and ready
    to be restored to life with aggravated sex
    not tolerated horseplay….nothing honest or proper


  326. multiplemichael

    the Hotel Waterloo
    where many battles were won and lost
    the honeymoon suite known as a tourist attraction
    a nest of unreality heightened by the price of commitment
    “tomorrows full of song” sadly the frenzy returned to masturbation


  327. eatmorewords

    the traffic is metal snake
    anacondas with headlights
    through the modern restless city
    gleaming new
    – – the frightening realisation that
    there is an end —

    a constant image of a goat in make up

    how many more sacrifices need to be made?


  328. eatmorewords

    the angelic sleepy face of a child not knowing that
    all nursery rhymes are about death
    a painful death inflicted by rats teeth
    a city on fire
    embers of the dead


  329. multiplemichael

    an iron curtain separated the hotel lobby
    from the rooms upstairs
    not quite the twentieth century up there
    unnamed narrators would come down with tales
    with constant developments and flashy contradictions
    the staff would speculate but chose not to affirm
    goats in makeup—————-Good Lord


  330. multiplemichael

    the road crew from the local prison
    can update you on apparent motherless children
    weekly they retrieve the bundled babies
    that litter the sides of the freeway
    tossed from speeding automobiles
    the little buggers are often difficult to view
    ****the men are trained to extinguish any trace of life


  331. eatmorewords

    souvenir sit on shelves
    gathering dust – you forget the exchange rate
    you have no recollection of buying it…it looks tacky
    cheap kitsch
    a pink flamingo on the lawn of your mind

    donkeys at the seaside
    kids on their back with candy floss teeth


  332. multiplemichael

    you walk into a gift shop
    the first item you see
    is a book of poetry
    written by a narrator
    who never finishes his lines
    leaves you hanging in mid-air
    subject matter so intense
    it cannot be expressed in simple terms
    it cannot be limited to a beginning or an end
    (+) confessions that words circle around


  333. multiplemichael

    the gentleman at the hotel lobby
    returned the soiled undergarments
    to the lady in Room # 303
    he was afraid the items of affection
    would weaken the emotional veracity
    of his hard labored poetry
    (+) confessional poetry open to developments
    she said that she liked it
    somewhat out of the ordinary
    after all those years in the military
    all he could think of was sodomy


  334. multiplemichael

    reality hidden behind poetic jargon
    men in bed ….ridiculous in magazine briefs
    “who goes first ?”
    the sight of where he was to journey
    tiny pieces of tissue
    and brown icing
    ——————————sodomy, a painful riddle
    the gentleman at the lobby desk
    said, “next time turn out the light”


  335. eatmorewords

    there are people who will do anything in front of a camera –
    – SEND NUDES –
    – SEND NUDE –
    – a cavalcade of images
    flesh hair fuzzy backgrounds

    image 42: no comment
    image 64a: to dark
    image 134-150: delete delete delete


  336. multiplemichael

    people who will do anything in front of a camera
    possibly brainwashed—expected to show interested sympathy
    sexualized words that stick in your mind
    bend over and sexualized words
    will slide up your behind


  337. multiplemichael

    drive through a cornfield and all you see is corn
    drive through a porno film and it is flesh and hair
    the secret of sodomy:
    communicate the soul of sodomy
    not some silly opinion about sodomy
    ****remain silent about angels


  338. multiplemichael

    so what was I to think about ?
    souvenirs from the lower grades
    heartless conformity
    yes, heartless conformity
    ————————————-the poet busy writing
    rapid notation of thoughts
    conversational poetry : spontaneous improvisation
    I warned you about mechanical measure in your poetry


  339. multiplemichael

    talk down to the readers
    from the high horse
    countless starts and stops
    tossing the baby late at night
    morning reality didn’t permit feeling
    it imprisoned all the gifts of the mind


  340. multiplemichael

    ——————-THE BARBER SHOP
    Mick Jagger on the radio
    theatrical swarms of gay men
    it was lunch hour at the Leviathan
    primordial sandwiches
    handwritten lettuce
    with tomato
    constantly being stopped and stripped
    love affairs with the DEA
    ****the constant need to be rediscovered


  341. multiplemichael

    ———————THE BARBER SHOP
    adapted and patched together
    differing manners of displaying words
    schoolbook Johnny
    I’m writing with a dictionary the size of a bathtub
    you’re fingering a harp you found in the alley
    the sounds from your fingering
    make you feel more naked than humanly possible
    in a negative tone, you call me Bob Dylan
    ****I am a detective watching you


  342. eatmorewords

    nighttime tremors that the snake
    is approaching on his stomach
    it’s the darting tongue that scares you the most
    – in and out
    – in and out

    ride the snake
    to the lake
    where they threw in gold to appease a God


  343. multiplemichael

    a beautiful skeleton
    complete with teeth and a smile
    concealed in loneliness
    the mystery of life long gone
    father starting the act out of duty
    but somewhere along the introduction
    he was mastered by the flesh


  344. eatmorewords

    cat scans outlines the doctors said
    radium was present in the x-ray residue
    my bones glowed from the inside
    my body was warm
    light bulbs flickered with static
    help up against the window for a better view

    at night the patient got up and spewed

    the shape of his skull had changed
    it stung when he pissed


  345. eatmorewords

    small children in oversized Iron Maiden tour shirts
    follow coaches and try and sell tourists trinkets
    art from discard beer cans
    cheap plastic necklaces
    the side of the road littered with dead babies thrown from abortion wagons
    behind the jazz club
    in 2am car parks
    in Kentucky pool halls
    in a K hole
    the jail cells in darktown

    – the highway as blood lines that

    – you can feel bad juju in the air –


  346. multiplemichael

    on the downbeat
    she snapped her fingers
    piano cords (a swelling in volume)
    whole notes from a bass
    piercing cries
    a drunk guy at the bar
    kept repeating that Yoko was Polynesian
    that she was both the greeting and the farewell


  347. multiplemichael

    of course, pills for dissociated images
    and thoughts
    dubbed-in excerpts from grade school
    NEVER rhyme, rhythm, or alliteration
    life supplies a busload of professional jingle writers
    broke down in front of the house
    it just wasn’t the Beatles, Baby Bird


  348. multiplemichael

    suicide by pop art
    hallucinogenic toad urine
    thank God I passed
    a surprise piss test
    befuddled nurses going Jabberwocky on my arm
    blood so thick they had to use a larger needle
    “I was walking a precarious line”
    hell, I was thinking about the guys
    back at the pool hall
    having squeezed piss
    from a rainforest frog
    and then licked it
    ****straight from the source


  349. multiplemichael

    another nasty note from Jacob Needleman
    religious historians must have excess free time
    ———“playfully gruesome”———
    he stated that my words were decorative scribbles
    from the likes of funeral parlor wallpaper


  350. eatmorewords

    on the wedding night I had
    to tell her I wasn’t a machine
    – I needed rest
    – I wasn’t a youngster

    – the old man on the bus with thin skin
    head looked exactly like a skull
    no meat but bones

    suitcase stashes

    stored secretly

    lost GPRS co-ordinates would reveal the location


  351. eatmorewords

    their names weren’t real
    ghost writers pseudonyms
    falsified history

    for 30years I called him Richard but his real name was John

    confusion at the registrars office
    names anchored with expectation
    no one expects a Cletus to be a brain surgeon


  352. eatmorewords

    the desire to experiment
    with noise and voices the scream of daily voices that echo like ricocheting bullets through nocturnal offices
    empty waiting rooms at 2 star hotels


  353. eatmorewords

    the promise that there is salvation- the delusion that there is a hereafter
    a place where your spirit can soar
    – reborn as a bored receptionist at a Motel
    a time when the glue that bonded
    –new membership cards issued for secret societies

    a thousand pin pricks just to let the light in


  354. eatmorewords

    the perfect highway is one that never ends
    that moves under you like an escalator
    flanked by telegraph poles
    gas stations

    – there was confusion over destination and beginning

    start and end

    starting point


  355. multiplemichael

    in Greece one does not say,
    “that gets my goat”
    tunnel of love appreciation
    humane intercourse
    alcohol, bromide and chloral
    impossible to forget the thoughts
    lovemaking since preparatory school
    living alone in a polite colony
    the librarian said that I was an odd book


  356. multiplemichael

    trying to capture words
    from a crude drama of lunatic voices
    emotions escaped from a padded cell
    where the luxury of sleep was not obtainable
    cautionary thoughts on what to do next


  357. multiplemichael

    ——————REAL LIFE————-
    the new bride is tuned into the sounds of her hair growing
    the new groom is thinking how a Teddyboy
    would turn out if he was born in a small town
    in Kentucky
    ****would he carry a chain or a whip ?


  358. multiplemichael

    experiencing fathomless sex
    the next minute
    she found herself outside
    digging in the dirt for spuds
    she saw Robert Frost
    take a pee behind
    a tree with colored leaves
    it was early in the morning
    and he was untrammeled
    there was still a part in his hair
    she talked herself out of killing him
    she thought she might just bring him up to date
    educate him with her potato shovel


  359. multiplemichael

    she was praying that there was color film
    in the cameras because she wanted them to capture
    the bright red liquid leaking from the crack in his head
    oh…..don’t concern yourself
    death is kept in a separate envelope
    an envelope safe from her spud hoe
    he was looking pained in his city suit
    Robert Frost bleeding like a stuffed pig
    the rat bastard deserved worse


  360. eatmorewords

    the duplicity of the lobby
    home brewed liquor to numb the pain
    cheap meats and no questions asked
    human hair found in the soup
    but no questions asked
    good looks were debatable
    in the land of the blind etc etc


  361. eatmorewords

    reversed circumcision
    chicken skin wrapped around the end and stapled in

    give it time the doctor said
    it’ll grow on you he said

    (. something smelt fowl in the hospital ward. )


  362. eatmorewords

    tombstone mattresses for the cheap hookers
    gravity their enemy
    all things went SOUTH
    prior to the transactions customer 76 asked to see her resume
    he wanted references


  363. eatmorewords

    lethargic indifference
    the malaise of this century
    lethargic indifference
    a comatose walk
    lethargic indifference
    built proof shield
    lethargic indifference
    rough toilet paper that cuts
    lethargic indifference


  364. eatmorewords

    little soldier boy
    new suit with gold trim
    a thousand boots marching on the road to hell
    past hotels you’ve never frequented
    — a framed picture JAMES STEWART stayed here

    – calloused hands
    and you know why


  365. eatmorewords

    each night they got a guest speaker in to recite chapters from books never loaned from the library
    –the poor stood behind the curtains
    straining ears
    – the rich folk drunk cognac and swallowed dead animals

    nervous staff stood in corners
    waiting to be beckoned

    time stood still


  366. eatmorewords

    the road crew learnt to catch objects thrown at 20mph +
    – $15 rewards for each baby caught
    – a bonus if blue eyed and blond hair

    – the stacked them in piles of five until the sun set


  367. multiplemichael

    the hotel lobby was decorated
    in bankruptcy after bankruptcy
    each table came with a bachelor dandy
    who spoke English and went both ways
    paying adults could be pleasantly amused
    (his oral avant-garde was light-years better than your carrot)
    (his backdoor skills literally caused you to weep)
    ****sinful man cannot write sinless poetry


  368. multiplemichael

    stacking the babies in a public performance manner
    only God can pry into the souls of Baby Stackers
    each person carries their identification
    superficial——-perhaps false
    the young married couple
    were upset at breakfast
    he claimed that the bell had been rung
    she seemed to think otherwise
    (he thought the goat with the circle around its eye was a small donkey)


  369. multiplemichael

    finding himself sodomized in a Robert Frost poem
    Leonard Cohen dropped all the crap about “going clear”
    faded flowers and ancient fallen leaves in a visual salad
    thank God for aphrodisiac ointment
    when she asked why the lettuce was so slick
    he replied, “It’s from Canada”


  370. multiplemichael

    twisted phony emotions
    confident that his penis was a howitzer
    he lubricated it with 3-in-1 oil
    pinching the excess foreskin playfully
    unchaperoned—he would have masturbated
    possibly writing his name with the semen
    ****the old Devil books highlight giving your sins a signature


  371. multiplemichael

    rough toilet paper
    a spider dangling
    rescued from debt
    (+) somewhere toss in the jewels:
    bitten by the same mosquito for years
    bitten by the same mosquito since the second grade


  372. multiplemichael

    raw peeled peters
    in a large glass jar
    drink some schnapps
    and inhale some puffs off a cigar
    pull out your journal of unfinished business
    know that the power comes to you from beyond


  373. multiplemichael


    the book-of-the-month send me the newest nothing
    Memoirs of a Sex Life: Deliciously Innocent Red-Hot Sex
    no infectious diseases—a small amount of discomfort
    no crocodiles or large lizards or Robert Frost devotees
    I thought I was safe—a sex life clean and honest
    no need to contemplate physical functions
    years of acts and thoughts—a compromise of harmony
    finding it difficult to be honest about the wearying repetition
    not a single obscene word in our vocabulary
    swindled to the point of rubbing one off
    no real sex just counterfeit sex
    sleeping in a bubble of rage


  374. multiplemichael

    nominate you for the Easter Island Blogger Award
    answer a bunch of stupid questions
    you nominate another batch
    blog cancer
    ****impertinent to insinuate one more human
    schizophrenics professing submission to COPYRIGHT
    the new membership cards—what can I say ?


  375. eatmorewords

    brainwashed pornography
    everyone involved
    in some way or another
    under influences strong then them
    just people slamming meat into each other with a Vietnam soldier stare



  376. eatmorewords

    drive through a porno stage skidding on lube
    soiled underwear stacked in corners sweaty men
    greasy woman
    hangers on in Guns N Roses tshirts

    – dry throat thirst –

    – there is no secret to sodomy
    and perseverance


  377. eatmorewords

    the only souvenir from school is an injection scar

    I don’t know what to think about poetry
    at the moment
    I just put one word in front of the other
    just like walking
    sometimes it’s just robotic
    sometimes it’s loose and I stretch my gait

    procrastination through masturbation was my high school motto


  378. eatmorewords

    lunch time haircuts are always wonky
    the barber drops cigarette ash down the back of necks
    rush hour lunchtime sandwich blended and drunk
    LEVIATHAN beckons
    LEVIATHAN doesn’t wait

    reinvented Bowie
    waiting to be rediscovered by an unborn generation in 2036


  379. multiplemichael

    ———————-OMG, THE MOVIE OF YOUR LIFE———————-
    naughty, naughty Johnny Boy
    cock-sure like James Bond
    someone says, “ACTION”
    and it is fornication
    in less than two minutes
    the audience will feel
    even more empty and hollow
    sex is almost non-existent
    in their daily routines
    they witness it on television
    actors free from marriage
    actors free to do as they please
    (+) Johnny realized that he had deeper desires


  380. multiplemichael

    what a catastrophe
    the maiming of the serpent
    bleeding at the stem
    man done cut his snake
    such an act is impossible to understand
    scientists run around in circles
    no matter how tragic
    the secret never breaks its bounds


  381. multiplemichael

    ————————bare-legged cemetery sisters
    grave prostitutes were proud of their wares
    honeymoon fornication at a price
    nothing counterfeit
    dynamic vagina
    straight from
    the Old Testament
    ****even after death, the love swindle intensifies


  382. multiplemichael

    all those cruel people
    who stuck their fingers
    up your behind
    now they are preying on one another
    at work it is so difficult to breathe
    suppressed scheming struggles
    the hill-top is no longer safe
    (+) memories of holding Jesus close on the summit


  383. multiplemichael

    was it you who liked to flash his sealskin overcoat ?
    you paid a fortune for it and never let it out of your sight
    when we would come to visit
    you would hire monks to chat
    I must admit I spied at your writing-desk
    hoping I would spot nude photographs of MS. Curie
    she liked a man with a bone
    clean cut heads not wrinkled foreskins


  384. multiplemichael

    death cuddles death in sleep
    deliver the goods, Baby Bird
    creative suffering may look impressive
    in a Robert Frost poem
    but we do not welcome suffering
    cart-wheel the suffering elsewhere


  385. multiplemichael

    during the flood
    the hotel was 500 feet underwater
    there were no survivors
    now dust stabs dust
    at night in the back alley
    your mother watching from a window
    clutching a crucifix
    ****another postcard from Kentucky, the baby is healthy


  386. multiplemichael

    excrement on the living room rug
    Daddy snorts, “the little bugger will cash out to coronary thrombosis”
    only cheap tickets and cheap socks
    no real splendor to speak of
    ****his pet giraffe was just a goat with a circle painted around its eye


  387. multiplemichael

    you promised the gentleman at the hotel desk
    that you would dance the tarantella
    you promised a lot of weird things
    ****late at night you would argue with the lobby mirrors
    I was afraid to go outside
    street people with scrapbooks
    wanting to show me my mistakes


  388. multiplemichael

    YES, on the honeymoon night
    surprised at the number of cabbages
    and potatoes packed in her luggage
    there were no mosquitos
    but thousands of hungry gnats
    what luck—gnat bitten on the marital organ
    she said that they were fruit flies
    but they were gnats with teeth


  389. eatmorewords

    I carried a bass
    I was a Paul McCartney impersonator in my early 20s
    – I didn’t look like
    him but I had the sideburns and the thumbs –
    I got paid little
    drunk guys told me they preferred John
    Yoko impersonators ignored me

    i am tone deaf


  390. eatmorewords

    never rhyme the teacher taught me
    it forces the lines
    and it’s not real
    if you want rhyme
    I can hire them in
    I want the words to be real
    poetry as a reflection

    not words used to sell cars
    or fast food talked over soft rock jingles

    did the Beatles rhyme?


  391. eatmorewords

    piss so thick it looked like custard
    the hole needed widening

    – – to pass the piss test
    he stole his sons urine —

    the made an incision

    the slow flow
    of curdled milk

    holding it in
    the urinal shame
    it always looked smaller in company


  392. eatmorewords

    decorative scribbles in margins
    boredom time hieroglyphics
    50 men in lecturer theatres couldn’t decipher the meaning of a fish drawn in a bottle

    old time religion hijackng new words

    the hand signals of the gangsters in the corner
    – secret codes like a handkerchief hanging out of your right pocket at the gay bar


  393. multiplemichael

    run around like a fool
    crying for the poor
    —————————lunatics and maniacs
    poets in a circle, ridiculous men
    capable of becoming almost anything
    instinctive writing for more life to come
    ****make a wish and blow out the candle
    ****mystery character, yourself from the grave
    ****you are with yourself, it is okay to be naked


  394. multiplemichael

    you were shocked to discover that you were made up
    of so many words—names and names and even fancy names
    we suffer our little agonies
    handsome in youth
    lonely in the later years
    relatives become outlines in a coloring book
    humble colors—Robert Frost and his humble crayons
    I refused to share his focus in earlier times
    Robert Frost—the cabin boy on a pirate ship
    I will refuse to share his focus tomorrow over coffee


  395. multiplemichael

    straight from the source
    George Harrison
    all things must pass
    the isolation from the Beatles
    looking up at the sky
    the sweetness of being welcomed
    welcome among those who echoed his own feelings
    bombed-out people
    jism flavored with pistachios
    reinforced rear doors
    (+) the male vulva, the male vagina


  396. eatmorewords

    the English language
    spoken correctly from mouths with broken teeth
    – like splintered boards of the ark –
    teeth the colour of cold tea
    – hotel lobbies of old magazines and plastic plants
    where the door bangs in the wind

    rooms available by the hour


  397. eatmorewords

    baby Tetris stacked in rows
    the performance artist ate light bulbs and chewed pages of the bible –
    – loaves of bread baked from vaginal yeast –
    trying to make a point
    falling on deaf eyes
    blind monkey see no evil


  398. multiplemichael

    burdening you with words
    that I should keep to myself
    if I sent you empty pages would you weep ?
    I like to think back when my puppy would kiss my fingers
    having lived so long everything has passed time and time again


  399. eatmorewords

    we have been visited in the past
    westward migration
    and coming from the stars
    numerous landing sites
    the same tales
    are we flies trapped in a jar?
    an insert trapped in amber…

    he pulled out his journal
    he pulled it out in public
    he was unapologetic it was empty


  400. eatmorewords

    oh no no divorce sir,
    mummy and daddy tied up in knots
    just a slow grind to the end
    geological methods of erosion –
    raindrops will destroy stone
    overtime over
    time overtime we climbed the mountain of the dead —
    — joyful teenage boasts of sexual conquests were all lies —
    there was no contact
    no physical evidence
    life in a sterile bubble

    bouncing through darktown like it was the first day of summer


  401. eatmorewords

    copy this status and share with 50 friends – death awaits those who don’t –
    please answer these 25 questions on your health and mental wellbeing
    share this NOW to receive gusts from god

    (do you remember chain letters?
    pen pals?)

    the coffee girl was human
    all to human

    (lipstick smudges on the rim)


  402. eatmorewords

    the movie of your life was factual blurred fiction sexy nonsense one hour thirty three minutes of escapism
    shoot outs and slow motion car chases the audience connected by the mundane nature of it
    —art as reflection
    – –

    the man in seat 47 left and smashed a mirror
    he was to embarrassed to ask for a refund


  403. multiplemichael

    ( reminiscent of the Soviets spying )
    angels from Heaven gathering evidence
    ambiguous information
    God is interested in more than bones,
    hair, and feathers


  404. multiplemichael

    mechanized, depersonalized meat management
    nuisances…poets taking Polaroids of meat arriving
    rumors of homosexual meat
    Day-Glo meat
    (+) veils of secrecy
    (+) romantic dreams of warming meat the natural way


  405. multiplemichael

    anyone who can place Timothy Leary
    naked from the waist down
    in a poem
    well, send them to the kitsch factory
    and tell them to screw with weak minds
    innocent saps who consume narcotics
    and peyote stereotypes


  406. multiplemichael

    sitting at a café in Greece
    the boys asked you why
    the lettuce was so slick
    ———————-poetry about postwar vegetables
    about bombs falling in London at night
    how employing modern art
    as a scare tactic
    did not work


  407. multiplemichael

    Dark Town photographs were often out of focus
    transparent citizens walked around in unwashed clothes
    thoughts all over the place—no educated mental control
    speechless with a cheap watch on each wrist
    push and pull—otherwise non-descriptive


  408. multiplemichael

    scantily clad women in a circle around Robert Frost
    more or less isolated—busy trying to interpret his message
    an audience of readers—dark competing forces
    hybrid genres of poetry
    a library of details
    no blunders
    ****sequencing detectives to build momentum


  409. multiplemichael

    your unpublished book was donated
    for the construction
    of the border wall
    between the United States and Mexico
    I saw a photograph of it
    it was surrounded by cookbooks
    and an autobiography of Malcolm X
    the contrast between the colors
    yes, that’s what I recall
    the contrast between the colors


  410. multiplemichael

    Jesus showed me a photo of his automobile
    it looked like a regular car
    with a eating disorder
    he said that it
    was free of gravitational pull
    I thought
    Jesus, you are white-bread


  411. multiplemichael

    my first question:
    why is there a Japanese bookstore
    in our neighborhood ?
    I am the only American in traffic
    ———-I have no phone cards for Peru
    your friends go to a figure skating clinic
    my friends smell like a sandal shop
    ninety percent of America died in the past
    I find myself walking around at night
    with a flashlight
    for what is lost


  412. multiplemichael

    when we filmed the movie of your life
    we hired “memoirists”
    they lust to tell it all
    they demand to tell it all
    not just personal experiences
    but the whole expanding ball of wax
    day-to-day sensations that have a voice
    reality beyond the confines of narrative
    reality beyond the confines of ape narrative


  413. multiplemichael

    quick——name a signature genre of Dark Town
    poets excited by first-person voice
    gays in the bathroom on the interstate
    friendly gestures from a choir of sodomites
    hankering for the voices of passionate males


  414. eatmorewords

    my Victorian relative got turned on by a well varnished table leg
    – uncontrollable urges at dinner time
    – no need for thought nor flesh
    – smooth mahogany
    (no one would invite him around for food)

    he could be found whittling in his shed most nights


  415. eatmorewords

    All those cruel people standing at the summit are now bankers and businessmen in flash suits
    Throwing babies
    Out of car windows
    Without a thought to where they land
    With a brown fingers dipped in to long
    Stained and bleached
    But it won’t show up on fingerprint tests
    Like they are ghosts of those that never existed


  416. eatmorewords

    At the Curie house
    guests were Asked to leave their shoes at the door and to undress
    And shower under cold water
    While observers took notes in erratic shorthand
    And then they were playing with dirty towels and granted permission to enter her chamber
    The monks were paid in black market lemonade
    All nude photographs were turned
    Breasts to the wall


  417. eatmorewords

    Death cuddles death
    oh baby bird you are still in your nest
    oh baby bird
    the worm is beneath
    And you was used as use in a poem online
    written by 14-year-old in Virginia
    and read out loud in an assembly of bored faces
    Oh baby bird you’re better than that


  418. eatmorewords

    In the Hotel 500 fathoms deep guests wore wetsuits to dinner
    The paintings on the wall dripped technicolour tears

    And the food floated to the surface
    The honeymoon night
    with scuba gear was s kinky affair

    the bell boy looked in through the cracks and described the actions to a friend


  419. eatmorewords

    (childhood memory)
    – at a friends house and there was excitement on the floor
    – “looks like your dogs done a shit”, I said
    – “I don’t have a dog” –

    cheap carpet tried to hide the mess
    cheap carpet pattern
    gave me a headache

    just slices of bread for tea

    the imaginary dog with black eyes


  420. eatmorewords

    I faced down all my mistakes
    I had them tattooed on my back
    I told her I can’t dance
    – I have tfuel to pour on the fire
    I didn’t even write this my hands
    I spoke at my phone and it did the work

    I am sliding sleepily down the face of it all
    ice will be here


  421. multiplemichael

    the constant distraction
    of people wanting to measure your dick
    only guns and knives push them away
    rough machismo
    at a loss about where to turn
    for images of self
    ****idealized images please


  422. multiplemichael

    mommy and daddy said NO to bohemia
    card playing introverted and solitary
    dandyism on the television
    dandyism at the pool hall
    no, not that pool hall
    another pool hall


  423. multiplemichael

    going to Dark Town for sex
    where guilt has no voice
    white people call the hole, vicious love
    white Christians call the circle, vicious love
    ever louder beats of the drums
    “mommy, why is daddy so upset ?”
    ****the apes in the trees constantly toss clues


  424. multiplemichael

    something fell out of a relaxed womb
    it was the start of an odd day
    on the path to the hospital
    one must pass the local prison
    to be free to walk past corruption
    that’s a moment wearing the Crown


  425. multiplemichael

    her entire harmonica in your mouth
    ears to the door
    waiting for the sound
    would it be sweet music ?
    on the honeymoon night
    are you really a scientist in his laboratory ?
    on top of lumpy pillows searching for the friction
    “My God, I’ve signed away my soul for no reward”


  426. multiplemichael

    sensation after sensation
    until the adhesiveness of sex
    registers no more
    ———–cups of coffee and reduction after reduction
    you didn’t get off at her stop
    you were afraid someone was watching


  427. multiplemichael

    surprised that you didn’t stop me
    at the mention of morphine
    mental gratification
    physical gratification
    reducing oneself to a puddle
    no longer afraid of rupture
    ****the family album is full of dust


  428. multiplemichael

    sodomites stealing into the social scene
    living the contemporary drama
    exchanging speech in real time
    voices of praise for the athletic
    nothing pessimistic or morbid
    nothing about the degradation of poverty
    skeletons picked clean
    a peculiar white
    sell them damn bones to stupid tourists


  429. multiplemichael

    when money means nothing
    when you’re in the same room
    with Rihanna
    the meth is really dynamite
    they laugh at me
    because I feel so good
    the anguish-laden paralysis
    thrown out the window


  430. eatmorewords

    George is my fathers name
    (name all the George’s…)
    (my sweet lord)
    the fourth point of a square
    one side of a cube

    (some of the mikes:


  431. multiplemichael

    people were upset at the display
    Mapplethorpe photographs of hamburgers
    carcinogenic slabs of meat
    presented to the customer
    in the center of brown buns
    (+) community standards
    (+) prurient interest
    (+) patently offensive
    a group of young people
    threw stones at quasi-conservatives
    daily life was unexplainable
    Amish men chewing tobacco
    their community
    a warehouse of simple sins
    I told them not to go to town
    I told them to kill the sinners
    any witness to the outside
    any trace of the outsiders
    (+) no need to deny the Old Testament


  432. multiplemichael

    thanks for the list of genders
    ——who knew there were so many——
    thanks for the info about males and females
    I didn’t realize that men lived to dominate females
    living arrangements and damage control
    warning labels on everything


  433. multiplemichael

    _______luxury should be morally repugnant
    above a subsistence level
    (+) what they lack
    (+) what others have
    at night with your head on a pillow
    you suddenly hear people next door
    talking about undeserved income
    even with high-pitched jazz
    one could hear self-justification
    being tossed about
    social injustice wasn’t so bad
    hell, social injustice was okay


  434. multiplemichael

    day-to-day life
    what would it feel like to be a witness ?
    birthday dancing girls shimmying in beaded skirts
    leafless trees in the yard of Marie Curie
    science labeled as either pretty or scenic


  435. multiplemichael

    uneasy and ever-changing
    constantly interrupted by flashbacks
    themes of oppression and spent actors
    the guys from the past in a single performance
    ****small boys that failed at learning to govern themselves


  436. multiplemichael

    taught at an early age
    that Peter crucified upside down
    was constantly whispering the truth
    words chewing on ears like angry dogs
    the earth was rent open
    and then there was Leviathan


  437. eatmorewords

    the colour photo was vivid
    the blood was the reddest red she’d ever seen
    she walked to work
    towards the coffee shop thinking “did david Bowie ever wash the dishes?”


  438. eatmorewords

    I keep getting spam emails from the SAVE MIKE campaign –
    – I told them to stop I told them to stop –
    I would love blank emails
    not pictures of all the Mikes
    (literally every famous Mike…)
    – I’ve lived so long I could name half of the Mikes but I didn’t want them saved

    – send me empty pages and I’ll fill ’em


  439. multiplemichael

    in conversational poetry
    everything is relative to everything else
    Marie Curie with her didactic bits
    crazy in a house of phallic worshippers
    she constantly confessed her own death
    them who were holding hands
    and them that weren’t
    it was all those tiny dots


  440. multiplemichael

    intellectual idea wanted for a poem
    nothing unsavory—nothing ready-made
    Marilyn Manson comes over
    with a color photo of Moses
    standing on top of a hill
    watching his people slip away in the dark
    flames leaked from their genital openings
    they were turning to the scoundrel
    they were erasing the Lord


  441. multiplemichael

    in the human marketplace
    what is the value of a MIKE ?
    at the workshop they talked
    about being compartmentalized
    precarious points of tension
    (+) poetry that deals with sanitation
    and waste management
    (+) poetry that deals with a real living human
    not some giant rodent in Brazil


  442. multiplemichael

    poetry that mentions
    Day-Glo fluorescent pigments
    in the crotch area of Marie Curie
    free-flowing semen from dozens of men
    the gestural vocabulary of a woman scientist
    (+) the jism would congeal into thick, free-flowing
    sculptural masses that Marie would bombard with electrons


  443. multiplemichael

    the wetlands of Marie Curie
    site-specific poetry
    thoughts worded in her diary
    emphasized plastic dimensions
    (+) participatory involvement with dongs
    (+) lying down, standing, swinging in the air


  444. multiplemichael

    Marie Curie with her open ears
    look inside
    and you will see
    a lifetime of accumulations
    various urges and motivations
    the circulations of birthdays
    colorless shadows
    the stasis of a perpetual past


  445. multiplemichael

    jointly with the capacities of fellow poets
    but not the moist fecal matter of lust
    a legitimate workshop
    with the lights on
    I asked to be excused
    when sodomy was introduced
    “insight outside life as a hole”
    (+) cutaneous excitement
    (+) psychophysical pressure
    (+) sexual signatures


  446. eatmorewords

    at the loading bay they tried to sneak things onto the Ark –
    – things that weren’t on the manifest
    – someone would be waiting at the end of the line to take stock
    the devil is in the details
    the numbers needed to add up
    God loved maths
    the only real truth


  447. eatmorewords

    mechanised meat
    two tablets to be taken every four hours
    failure to do so may result in side effects including
    but not exclusive :
    the shakes
    memory loss

    over sensitive meat could be seen crying in darkened corners

    weaponised meat air dropped behind invisible lines


  448. eatmorewords

    she always got Leary confused with Ken Kesey – all those old white men look the same she said

    – she thought Timothy Leary was in Back to the Future
    she thought she saw him ride a skateboard


  449. eatmorewords

    the bombs did fall and the kids played in the aftermath of puddles and bricks
    shoes with no laces
    no lettuce seen for 4years
    fake meat served between fake bread
    you couldn’t grow fat in them days but you could get angry


  450. eatmorewords

    at the Greek cafe the coffee was so thick spoons stood up
    erect like a flag pole
    – on plates were dead fish
    dead fish that kept eyeing the customers
    – no need for cutlery
    here they had HUGE FINGERS

    (at school a teacher asked him would you rather have tiny hands so couldn’t pick anything up
    or giant hands so you crushed everything you touched?

    he didn’t answer then
    and he couldn’t answer now


  451. eatmorewords

    for all Darktown photography
    you needed permission from all the citizens to have their identity capture on film
    –many refused
    – outstanding warrants
    bodies in suits but it all seemed empty
    a suit hanging on a ghost
    two watches but neither told the time
    my God, what can we do with these people?


  452. eatmorewords

    a wall of books erected page by page – the bible section
    the Hardy Boy avenue
    the Bell Jar walkway
    biographies of people you’ve never heard of
    a thousand pictures of Malcom X looking at you

    cookbooks with curry fingerprints


  453. eatmorewords

    Jesus car ran on spiritual fuel
    – he moved to suburbia and asked his neighbours to call him MIKE – he parked the car in his garage and just sat behind the steering wheel
    looking ahead
    looking through the windscreen
    looking through the wall
    looking forward forever


  454. eatmorewords

    Japanese bookstore selling American books imported from Taiwan – torches free when you buy 3 books
    – sandal wood in the sandal shop –
    90% of Americans couldn’t point to America on a map
    even if you shine a torch on it they point to Brazil


  455. eatmorewords

    the film of my life will just be a cartoon of people stepping on gardening rakes
    and them hitting them in the head
    – on a loop
    – on a loop for 6hrs
    – art house stuff not ear wax nonsense

    when you enter the cinema your’ll be handed a scratch and sniff pad –
    the aroma of my life
    reality in the smell

    a film critic said it moved him to tears
    like catching his foreskin in his zipper


  456. eatmorewords

    signature genres: heroin scat
    homosexuals with their secret codes
    I once had to run for my life due to how I tied my scarf
    –miscommunications in a world of secrets


  457. eatmorewords

    pool hall Valentino
    the aroma of cheap aftershave and chalk
    – flick knife pockets –
    greased back hair in a pompadour
    the voice of his teacher in his head YOU’ll NEVER AMOUNT TO NOTHING BUT THE LADIES WILL LOVE YOU –
    pool hall Valentino comes alive at night


  458. eatmorewords

    dark town getting ready for white Christmas
    – a parade of papier-mâché reindeers
    – a wrapped box that contains a clenched fiat –
    snow isn’t falling it’s been banned by the municipal council –
    I’m far behind with my correspondence but I can say I’ve never sexual harassed women at work
    one in a million
    mummy hates daddy kids the reason are multiple and complex but don’t let it burden you


  459. eatmorewords

    harmonica lady squeaked when she ran
    – at night she snored the blues
    – I hated sleeping next to her
    my foot tapped constantly
    — at night I’d squeeze her nose till her cheeks went red


  460. eatmorewords

    addicted to derivatives of heroin at least three times
    – that lazy gait and half closed eyes
    mental gratification came in small waves and yes
    I was afraid of rupture
    I was afraid of seepage
    I carried duct tape, glue and a gun JUST IN CASE

    you need to understand
    I’m an ex-scout
    I’m always prepared


  461. eatmorewords

    sodomites carried round pictures of the royal family in their wallets
    – regal crowns and condoms
    – they carried little for poetry
    they good emotional about food
    they cried over their raw fish
    —-a peculiar white
    so peculiar it was black —


  462. eatmorewords

    Rihanna or Beyoncé
    different sides of a small coin
    –bitch fights about who will be the first to appear on a stamp
    –they won’t touch meth (behind closed doors they inject in dark crevices)
    –oh pity the famous ones
    the discard them for another one


  463. eatmorewords

    the process of becoming derelict is called TIME
    erosion by rain and rust
    & they wandered around the old dilapidated factory which was being used in the movie as a metaphor for death they took photos and of course
    shared them of Instagram
    — Bob Dylan doesn’t have an email address
    he doesn’t even own a fucking computer


  464. eatmorewords

    they hid all the manuscripts in rusting filling cabinets
    others buried pages in their garden but the words rotted off the page – McDonalds commissioned Anne Leibovitz to photograph Big Macs
    vegetarians complained but the cows didn’t
    —–the new man in town worried the young housewives —


  465. eatmorewords

    people given the freedom to choose
    —-some wanted to be male, others female
    men with breasts
    woman with balls
    bald ladies with hairy armpits
    short men with clitoris
    —i read the guidebook and was told to destroy it after —
    I threw it from the window
    wrapped tobacco in pages 56-89 tobacco and spent hours smoking it down
    —girls in blue and boys in pink —
    people can be what they want
    the white man next door told me he wanted to be identified as a strong black woman

    who am I to deny?
    the labels on everything will eventually lose their stick


  466. eatmorewords

    at night you could hear the fibres of your pillow move
    —EAT THE RICH with chopsticks
    —only wearing socks once
    10 toilets in a house
    how many empty beds?
    it was a myth only the rich liked jazz albums
    a myth with a grain of truth


  467. eatmorewords

    the flashbacks constantly plagued his waking daydreams
    uneasy memories of the shipwreck and the plane crash
    – he did think who would play him in the movie of his life?
    – art house comedian at the butchers


  468. eatmorewords

    a brain full of filling cabinets
    -school memories, June – August 1986
    – favourite albums
    – conspiracies theories of North Korea
    – etc etc

    the lucky ones were mainly white
    and born into privilege and wealth
    (an ugly chasm was beginning to open up, nasty and brutish)

    sneaking away, a few hours after the curfew


  469. eatmorewords

    the new measure : e.g. he weighed as much as 4 Mikes
    – (the people would just have to get used to it )
    – the results were back: to many Mikes
    build a wall to keep them out

    (a post card of you riding a giant rodent through a favela in Rio)


  470. multiplemichael

    what does God know about lungs ?
    He’s on fire
    His enemy is on fire
    atoms, electrons, agents of force
    (+) Marie Curie made her own hairspray


  471. eatmorewords

    the wetlands of Curie were growing stale
    brittle & dry
    it gave off a radioactive glow
    —she scratched 10 times a day
    –spent a fortune on medication
    –no relief at night


  472. eatmorewords

    all visitors to the Curie house had to sign disclaimers
    –they all had to turn up with lawyers
    –it took the edge of the day
    –so looked for loopholes but the disclaimers were watertight
    an ark of words
    –the souvenir shop glowed


  473. eatmorewords

    small talk about cars
    and money and failed attempts at interior design
    — mild sex talk as the night wore on —
    one drink brave
    eight drinks depraved
    talk of bruised kness and regret


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