downloading Back to the Future



French kissing your mum in purple pants and pretending it wasn’t you   
I asked her what she was thinking 

– she slammed the doors

– smashed the windows

– stole a car

– burned the house down

 -fled town
– two weeks later

anonymous phones calls where I can hear a fountain /waterfall / seasonal rains / hotel shower / pissing

– whispered words 

– a well fingered photograph of

teenage confusion: 

I knew I liked woman 

and spent years thinking I must be a lesbian – 

— erasing paragraphs from the bible like a child screaming with his fingers in his ears —

if it’s removed it never happened

—all those people in the cemetery never existed

vertical burials in the wasteland  





  1. multiplemichael

    I thought your gestures constituted a secret language
    but it was just masturbation
    your wife begged you to do it outside
    outside was a ridiculous idea
    ( outside ) you light up another Gauloise


  2. multiplemichael

    I thought that you were squinting through your eyelashes
    maybe a little gift from the coffee counter girl
    something to make your limbs grow longer
    and that thought brought a private chuckle
    Johnny Boy with longer limbs


  3. multiplemichael

    I thought all your jabber about large insects
    was odd to very odd
    I enjoyed your words about the fish boy
    from your youth
    a translucent friend
    you were wet for millions of hours
    may be it changed your outward appearance
    ****poetry about classmates with sensitive gills


  4. eatmorewords

    black and white footage
    showing the past
    days before coffee shops
    nights of missionary position inter course
    – days of shorter limbs
    a different oxygen
    unwrapped gifts


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