gravity unseen 

you said that these things were happening as a test
a test
a test maybe from a higher being 

some omnipotent force 

unseen like feelings or 

gusts of wind 
maybe it’s all pot luck 

she said a patternless mess 

of arbitrary

whatever it was

it froze you like a




  1. multiplemichael

    she said, “a pattern-less mess of arbitrary thoughts”
    thoughts planted in your mind like field crops
    and it wasn’t me who froze like a monolith
    I was busy driving in Kentucky
    in my personal white car
    the sides of the road
    littered with gifted women
    (+) females tossed away


  2. multiplemichael

    standing at the entrance to the detour
    the monolith
    snarling and biting children chasing automobiles
    your visit home ambushed by mental illness
    you take your doctor medicine
    you take your narcotics
    a simple tap-dance on meth
    your sister-in-law taking a pee standing up
    self-sufficiency without squatting
    what a piece of work
    that husband


  3. eatmorewords

    secret compartments in the monolith
    hiding secret stashes
    of narcotics prescribed
    and stolen
    uppers and downers
    – ones that make you touch mars
    the tip of your tongue on foreign land
    – the wedding a sham
    pregnant for 14months
    something fishy
    something not quite right
    a husband but only in name


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