con artist 

a con artist in the big house

   the tiniest hands the easiest of crimes 

  a stolen nation

stored rock by rock in safety deposit boxes 

above him

out of his league
toss him through the window

leave him at the side of the road 
into a pile of plug in girlfriends

discarded as hard to clean for  

fear of damaging conduits and coils 
that hiss 

and fizz and the sound of a can of Coke opening is the sound of Satan leaving your soul 
said the priest 
the church of Coke: 

artistic glass bottles of the 1950s 

shaped like woman you wanted to fuck 



  1. multiplemichael

    I sent a resume to Pontius Pilate
    had no other address than Palace:

    Pontius Pilate
    @ Palace

    before the Crucifixion
    I would deliver plug-in sex dolls,
    Q-tips to clean the marital aids,
    bulletins of upcoming bull fights
    and cockfights

    one day in a golf cart
    I released a slight hiss and fizz
    some Echinacea and B-12
    solved that dilemma

    in America, The Church of Coke
    has nothing to do with soft drinks
    one side of the railroad tracks
    (+) Church of Meth
    other side of the tracks
    (+) Church of Coke
    sometimes people burrow under the barrier
    and partake of both sides
    (+) one side, you might get sodomized by someone smoking a cigar
    (+) the other side, you might ride an elevator for the first time


  2. multiplemichael

    I tried to take the noise-maker
    to your street
    but I fell asleep
    in the J. Lennon Airport
    someone in Liverpool
    stole my expensive torpedo
    probably a racial insect
    (+) poets never write about creatures
    experiencing a private psycho-physical existence


  3. eatmorewords

    Pilates email address was hosted by Freeserve – 4577 spam emails about cock girth
    – Nigerian requests for $16million
    he spend hours looking for the invite to that meal –
    – after the last meal they did lines of Coke
    lines cut with the Spear of Destiny
    — confusion and fight I’M THE FIRST DISCIPLE

    all at time when socks didn’t exist


  4. eatmorewords

    he witnessed the metamorphosis
    the man slowly turned into a Cadillac
    – a front grill replaced the mouth
    – headlamp eyes
    – powered by petrol

    physical existence changed


  5. multiplemichael

    in the Garden of Eden there were no socks
    since then there is no antidote for being sockless
    worse than the worse snake bite
    worse than a vulture fart
    lines of coke are for babies
    meth is the Daddy


  6. multiplemichael

    if Aldous Huxley can ever escape the butt crack
    of Swami Prabhavananda
    he swears that he will murder me
    “I would just be a stain on blotter paper”
    MultipleMichael Dead at the Hands of Aldous Huxley
    ————–just watch the London Tabloids————-

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  7. multiplemichael

    the J. Lennon Airport
    keeps sending me money
    to include the Liverpool Airstrip
    in my conversational poetry
    800 or more literary intellectuals
    in polo-paisley gear
    thank you


  8. multiplemichael

    a pantomime of lovemaking
    new and strange
    foreign——–possibly American
    on the provocative thread count
    hyper-expensive socks
    unprotected on the floor
    slip them on in the dark
    and suddenly
    become traumatically alive


  9. multiplemichael

    : Robert Frost :
    close-cropped hair
    harnesslike suspenders
    thick-soled boots
    waking day reality
    vows of silence
    between bursts of chatter
    that damn exterior world
    it never stops


  10. multiplemichael

    800 or more men dressed in polo-paisley
    standing outside looking up at Pontius Pilate
    a jaunty foxtrot rhythm in the background
    (direct confrontation with words)
    words that leave one not equipped
    shared drama hiding in the bushes
    until the morning sun


  11. multiplemichael

    nursery rhymes for older folks
    the words set to a barrelhouse piano riff
    Mia Farrow having daydreams of marrying Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra living in a state of cocoon-like isolation
    rumors were flying about his dilapidated genitals
    ****John Lennon said it best,
    “everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey”


  12. multiplemichael

    the chain reaction
    that lead to the birth of a poem
    1000 fulcrums in one day
    threads of circumstance
    threads of randomness
    a nonstarter hot to trot
    ****I was forced to stop and go home


  13. multiplemichael

    references to an encyclopedic spectrum of erections
    husky voices in the shower room
    downbeats and wrenching off-beats
    the sound of a cowbell
    oral jabber as commentary


  14. multiplemichael

    ———unconditional surrender————
    walked into the honeymoon suite
    in guilt and frustration
    having had my heart broken
    just wanted it to be “ordinary”
    except for the cigarettes
    she was a mortician’s dummy
    the kind they train those trade school girls


  15. multiplemichael

    I was awkward
    she was defensive
    eyeing one another
    for the first time
    with the lights on
    she said, “you’re pudgy”
    I thought of that goat in Greece
    with the ring painted around its eye
    I asked, “do you realize that you’re pooping pellets ?”
    ****a quick note to mommy (she thinks it perfectly normal
    to defecate in bed)


  16. multiplemichael

    baffled by intercourse
    she said that I had to stick it in
    to make it legal
    words from a prophet of doom
    unbending and precise
    it went in
    forthcoming much too soon
    regularity stepped on like a roach
    “you got your nut………first and last in one go”


  17. multiplemichael

    a downside of being rich:
    everyone constantly complains
    about the injustice
    of having to earn a living
    ————permanently impaired employment
    convenient to pity most people
    work clothing crawling up their ass
    medieval gossip at the tea counter
    what was on the tube
    nobody talks about shooting a giant wad
    or coughing up a hairball
    sidestepping invitations
    lacking a particularly sympathetic personality
    cured of drink but not the meth
    ————excess money makes people funny
    trading drugs with physicians
    new-found love in motels
    stimulants so strong
    your eyes turn red
    ————poetry about reasonable girls
    limitless expense
    5 trips to the ATM
    without the glory of money
    they huddle in the corner
    like damaged zoo apes
    without the glory of meth
    they huddle in the corner
    like mascots of yesterday


  18. multiplemichael

    not only unfamiliar
    but also unintelligible
    essential language
    make a list of all the “MIKES”
    that you know
    kill the skinny ones
    and those without a beard
    let no one stand in your way
    fewer “MIKES” equals
    less anal inconvenience
    less Niagara diarrhea
    less red chafe


  19. eatmorewords

    early morning poetry is half remembered sketches from
    last night dreams
    —bones buried under soil
    confusion of what determines “homeland”

    stolen or borrowed

    traumatic stuff baby bird
    you need a repeat prescription


  20. multiplemichael

    detectives at the wedding
    busy parceling out the measurements
    the groom tested, probed, and labelled
    mention of the other brother
    (+) excited wanderings through literature
    so sensitive that he cried when he saw the smallest suffering
    at odd hours men in darkness would cross his path with lanterns
    ****later in life as homosexual feelings grew stronger
    the lanterns were replaced with high quality flashlights


  21. multiplemichael

    saucy remarks —spicing up the chitchat of pool hall junkies
    graduates of the local penitentiary
    suitcases under the bed full of face-saving responses
    humiliating retreats with the backside firmly against the wall
    constantly under observation—biting nails on park benches
    constantly being asked to produce a birth certificate
    the Lord Storyteller—the Lord Poet
    ordinary people producing conversational poetry
    laziness, lewdness, sodomy
    (+) 1/2 penitentiary colony sodomy…1/2 reform school sodomy


  22. eatmorewords

    still looking at comments from 5th November
    – I’m living in the past –
    the illiterate poet on the back foot
    – not equipped for the job
    like painting in one colour
    – climbing a mountain barefoot
    gazing at the sun
    till you go blind


  23. eatmorewords

    the poetry workshop was inundated with demands for refunds –
    – people thought after one meeting they’d be professionals
    a few descriptive words for a tree
    a line about the beauty of a flower or lost love

    the quiet one in the corner wrote about the brutality of urban architecture

    (he was told to go home )


  24. eatmorewords

    the kids grew up at the side of the road
    selling plastic figurines of the Nazarene
    $2 a piece
    purchased and threw on the back seat
    the Nazarene amongst old cold cans


  25. eatmorewords

    the rich in their new socks
    and new shoes in their new cars and sitting on new seats watching a TV screen wider than the horizon
    – life through a prism
    – a life filled with things
    – a massive weight bearing down conversations with the psychiatrist

    role play escape : sleep with the poor
    – wear the same pair of pants twice
    – secret trips to darktown
    – written in diaries with a Montblanc


  26. multiplemichael

    your automobile was the Catholic Church in metal
    you with Greek coins in your pockets
    speeding in purgatory
    yet, finding time to stop
    and purchase plastic Jesus
    last week it was plastic Dostoevsky
    the week before that it was plastic Tchekov
    the plastic seat covers were good protection
    from the sufferings and sympathies


  27. multiplemichael

    everyone on earth
    is ordinary
    you bow down
    only to Russian literature
    as you walk by
    there is a hint of the Mediterranean coast
    nothing stale about you
    Johnny Boy, an introspective hero


  28. multiplemichael

    she said that you looked at her
    like she was a giraffe
    fighting there in bed
    if only she could really believe
    in what you were fighting for
    then the struggle might have meaning
    you claimed that it was a progression
    towards a new being
    but that was a load of crap
    you were squirming to get a nut
    sadly, the satisfaction was only momentary
    ****she was thinking of black veins and larvae with your face


  29. eatmorewords

    many mikes
    – members of bands
    – ham actors
    – fat mike skinny mike bearded mike gay mike mike with three fingers mike in an aeroplane mike in a downtown police cell
    all the miles together standing in a row stretches to Omaha


  30. multiplemichael

    I go to policeman conventions
    and beg policemen to shoot me
    riding an elevator with 5 policemen
    all have guns strapped to their body
    “please shoot me—speed up my passing”
    at first they try to comprehend
    then they just curse
    no first class ticket
    “you got on the ride, you have to go the entire route”


  31. multiplemichael

    800 men in Greece
    and you were the only one
    not wearing polo-paisley
    they say that you made bubbles in the hot-tub
    instead of wrangling the bone with Russian wives
    you were offering a solution choice, exit stage right
    (+) later, kitchen staff collected the hot-tub water to cook pasta


  32. multiplemichael

    800 men in Greece
    snazzy in polo-paisley
    most attended bible study in prison
    no matter what, you were never at ease in their company
    when they offered you a light for your cigarette
    you wouldn’t bend over to pick anything up
    the pleasure for real men wasn’t in receiving


  33. multiplemichael

    I am not saying that he was weird
    but he wore socks on his hands
    sleeping in an armchair with cats
    after endless examinations
    his chart read, “DEAD or DYING”
    living with the endless pain
    less despair was joy
    the pills just make me itch


  34. multiplemichael

    you liked to think of it as a factory
    but it was really a prison
    Daddy and all the confessional relatives
    worked there in the belly 24/7
    kind of all-male, kind of rough
    attracted and repelled by sodomy
    magazines only showed the crack
    not the mouth


  35. multiplemichael

    you told the kids at school
    that your dad worked at the factory
    but when you mentioned The Leviathan
    the weaker boys ran and hid
    ****preaching pacifism and going at it doggy style


  36. multiplemichael

    make a list of all the “MIKES” that you know
    start killing them
    and when you get to me
    do it gangster style
    back of the head
    “gangster style” in newspaper type
    pull out a fingernail or two
    stuff a Nazi flag in my mouth
    I might be just another vagabond

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  37. multiplemichael

    riding a bicycle down the sidewalk
    where homosexuals were known to be persecuted
    a healthy pink torpedo in my Swiss short pants
    I told everyone that I was headed to the J. Lennon Airport
    cruelly abandoned to the open window of a speeding car
    the baby with the healthy pink torpedo had no wings
    offering the reader all the clues needed for analysis


  38. multiplemichael

    that damn Robert Frost
    picturesqueness supreme
    brutal poetry about leaves being blown away
    beavers having dreams in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower
    Orientals outside painting everything gray
    prostitutes hiring prostitutes to work for them
    foreigners going in all directions on the walkway
    Little Johnny Boy with his compass
    his puberty polices itself—able to turn into sweetness
    pleasantly likeable—-hose-trained and ready
    ****two men in a Renault captured the beavers
    and sold them to a Japanese restaurant
    ****the sadness of this act would sadden a sad person
    that damn Robert Frost
    poetic inebriation
    an apostle of artificiality
    chants at the workshop, “wring his neck”
    many were the chapters of creative suffering
    ****tried to cut his fingers off but the scissors were dull
    ****I was habituated to the sight of blood—a medic in the war


  39. eatmorewords

    a sofa covered and wrapped in plastic
    sweaty summer legs stick
    the Greek coins were worthless
    they couldn’t float in water
    plastic Jesus sold at the market
    It will never catch on


  40. eatmorewords

    the heaviness of Russian literature
    & its cold prose
    some say it’s like wading through treacle
    some masochists read it naked sat in snow their balls turning blue

    introspective heroes in clown trousers and no capes

    – I walked a mile in someone’s shoes
    – blistered forever


  41. multiplemichael

    when they handed you a copy of Robert Frost
    you knew not to read the damn thing
    roll a cigarette, start a fire, wipe your behind
    only one book on the bookcase
    all other literature was corruption
    (reading as a controlled activity)
    blasphemy and loathsomeness
    in rural Kentucky


  42. eatmorewords

    at the convention they had
    an assisted suicide booth

    – trigger happy pigs in sharply ironed suits –

    for $15 you could throw insults and get fired at
    for $5 they’d beat with you with billy clubs

    the detectives knew their onions


  43. eatmorewords

    the dress code was PREP SCHOOL GEEK –
    autistic kids dressed as pro golfers
    Russian wives tethered to the floor in case a gust of wind blew them away – angry husbands in the potatoes queue


  44. eatmorewords

    the socks on his hand had eyes and they spoke to him but his fingers smelt of toes
    anatomically confused
    eyes painted on stones
    the human need for contact SOCIAL ANIMALS waiting for the cull


  45. eatmorewords

    my dad was a carpenter
    he always smelt of wood
    the smell of the saviour
    he always had splinters imbedded in skin
    but he never worked at Leviathan
    – kids thought he carried a hammer
    – kids thought he’s nail ’em to the wall


  46. eatmorewords

    double Mike last on the list
    — any last requests?
    — what gangsters style ? Mexican hung from a bridge
    – – old fashioned East End style – razor blade smile
    –marched from your bed and made to dig a grave?
    — I could use a gun
    a knife
    fire or meat in your pocket and I’ll set the dogs on you —

    and strangely I received an email from a campaign called SAVE THE MIKES

    (they wanted donations!)


  47. eatmorewords

    they banned Robert Frost from the library –
    – his books
    and his physical body
    – there was a 30mile exclusion zone –
    – there were pictures of him behind the counter DO NOT ALLOW

    — Robert Frost impersonators going out of business
    one trick ponies
    one trick ponies ready for the glue factory


  48. multiplemichael

    a real poet would wear a monocle
    and a candy-colored polo shirt
    and postcards of musclemen
    purchased along the Seine
    would be stuffed into a paperback
    “Sounds Through Motel Walls”
    in December, Americans love to eavesdrop

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  49. eatmorewords

    all the far men in town applied for the role of Santa
    it was an easy job
    no need for a beard THEY WOULD BE SUPPLIED –
    – the black folk in darktown complained – why should Santa be white?
    questions on a panel show
    – Santa carried snakes in his sack


  50. eatmorewords

    smokes rolled in pages of books
    smoke more words
    vowels in the lungs
    – in prison all the books had their pages glued together with contraband hidden inside –
    – the weight of the books bend the shelf
    there is one book shop in Kentucky but 18 whorehouses


  51. eatmorewords

    regardless of the size of the television the programme will end the same
    – she only watched black and white programmes – her television was the size of paperback page –
    Jimmy Herring
    the head of the aquarium


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