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gravity unseen 

you said that these things were happening as a test
a test
a test maybe from a higher being 

some omnipotent force 

unseen like feelings or 

gusts of wind 
maybe it’s all pot luck 

she said a patternless mess 

of arbitrary

whatever it was

it froze you like a



downloading Back to the Future



French kissing your mum in purple pants and pretending it wasn’t you   
I asked her what she was thinking 

– she slammed the doors

– smashed the windows

– stole a car

– burned the house down

 -fled town
– two weeks later

anonymous phones calls where I can hear a fountain /waterfall / seasonal rains / hotel shower / pissing

– whispered words 

– a well fingered photograph of

teenage confusion: 

I knew I liked woman 

and spent years thinking I must be a lesbian – 

— erasing paragraphs from the bible like a child screaming with his fingers in his ears —

if it’s removed it never happened

—all those people in the cemetery never existed

vertical burials in the wasteland  



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4% battery 

a bruise colour blue

in the shape of a country you discovered in you mind years ago

         you named it and designed a flag

– Mexico City is angry

– London Bridge is falling dow

my phone has 4% battery so I know time is short 
I’m not who you think I am

all my writing is edited by an office of low paid secretaries and retired professors 

             I use computer programmes and algorithms 

             I steal lines from songs and books 

       I’ve never heard of Robert Frost 

I’m a 3ft black midget 

      I’m a cross dressing reality TV star 

   I’ve been to all the church’s in Utah 

        and you told me you wrote to a prisoner

and told him about the smell of the flowers in your garden

you tried explained the taste of the ramen noodles you had last night
you described the wind and

you drew them a picture of a dog reading a book

automatic writing #55

the song was set on a space station orbiting earth
the astronauts were eating powdered food and trying to remember what
ice cream tasted of they couldn’t find the words to describe vanilla

in Russian Stalin banned jazz

he ordered all trumpets to be buried 300 miles from Stalingrad

yesterday was national poetry day and no one knew

outside hailstones have been falling on and off for an hour or so
spring now, but possibly still winter
the calendars could be lying

the washing machine is gurgling in another room

my cat ate my fish

my cat died when I was on a school trip

my bird fell off his perch and never knew he hit the ground

the news is on the radio and
words are jumping from its belly
something about a murder
Russian involvement

she told me this morning she dreams of dead children

I’ll leave this here
I’ll finish my tea then I’ll be off

in an air conditioned supermarket 

I had an existentialist crisis in an aisle of mayonnaise, too many choices and to much colour, I dropped my basket and fled to the door, down the hallway and through the cobbled lanes – 

I hummed the last song I heard, threw my wallet in the bin and headed for the trees forgetting all my passwords 
the crematorium chimney reached up – it’s brick arm searching for stars – the smoke became the clouds and it rained dust for days
Roman numerals have always confused the hell out of me
Mummy, it’s all connected and it’s all collapsing

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if your wife/mother/father/lover was a werewolf would you:
•feed it to the homeless

•lover her unconditionally

•poke him with a sharp stick

•donate the thing to science 

•shoot it between the eyes with a silver  

reused meme 

the rain wet floor
the man with a birth mark in the shape of Pangea

the backwards baseball cap

the re-used meme

the re-used meme

the idea of “retro”

cumulus clouds floating 

heavy &


all electrical goods just sitting on stand-by


the machines are waiting 

the blueprints that are 1mm out
at right angles to the rest of the world neon lights flash downtown

reflected on wet concrete 

arriving at a destination and not knowing how you got there 
my glasses leave an indentation on the side of my head
my children are asleep and I can see the signs 
a new Netflix series that goes in for 125weeks – I have no more stamina for this – 

the mundane beauty of a leisure centre, the perfection of the shopping mall