Category: nonsense

after the crucifixion



the sun is a force to be reckoned with


I feel gravity pulling me

back to the city

where I emerged on a day reminiscent of today

the air con is relentless

goosebumps on skin

a blind man would think

I was made of Braille

rock paper scissor stone

eeny meeny miny mo

and in this new old town everyone is wearing Lycra and they’re running around and around

it’s relentless

sweating small beads

the new have replaced the old

the unwanted & the poor are squeezed out like the last dregs in a toothpaste tube

( last night I heard a song that made me cry

he is floating down a river in Chang Mai )

earlier today I found out that Einstürzende Neubauten meant “Collapsing New Buildings”

I thought about architecture

empty shopping malls

leisure centres with swimming pools and wave machines

in my dream last night I couldn’t move

I was trapped in a house full of pianos dust laid heavy on the keys in my sleep I could feel my body twitch

stale bread left for the pidgeon to peak

bad oxygen

the people on the train resembled a line at the local police station

a man with johnny rotten hair

a scar near the right ear

dry skin flakes black jacket dandruff

lulled asleep by rocking motion

adult / baby

I dreamt of death by spider bites

chemistry experiments that went wrong

acid burn

clowns in suits in a town where everyone had Beatle haircuts

no one wanted to be a marionette

one half of a magnet

and your neighbours dogs barks a secret language while advertisers tell you

their shampoo will give you stronger hair and you imagine everything you see is an hallucination induced by breathing in bad oxygen

Xanax sacrifice

no jazz in Russia


NY / neil young