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pictures made up of words x 3

  1. Slit dress

The slit in her dress went up to her thigh. She wore scuffed black boots and a backpack that was covered in band patches. She had a tattoo on her ankle that said ACID RAP. She walked past a red phone box. The last one in town.

1989: 10p phone calls to girlfriends

Fingers tasted metallic.

2. 200 year feast

After they landed they butchered the first animal they saw and feasted on it’s meat. 200 years later that day is celebrated by eating a armadillo.

Have you ever seen a blonde haired nun? A bald Rastafarian?

A documentary about a man with three knees.

3. Iron Maiden to the knees

The found photo was of a boy with missing teeth and bleeding gums. In his right hand he held a bunch of keys. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt that came down to his knees. In the background a car was on fire.

His mother, long gone, mane him after her favourite singer.


a magic medical machine

a modern miracle

moving the fluids

percolating the lava in the blood

almost becoming robotic

astronaut ailments

a change to your circadian rhythm

a gradual move to Martian time

you live somewhere in the future while slowly

imperceptibly things melt

decompose move East

become carbon

become history

then forgotten

you sit stationary and collect dust

the dust collector

the urban goose

at times like this you taste your favourite childhood meal

at these times like this count your breaths meld into the moment

contemplate the human form

contemplate the architect plans of this imposed inertia

after the crucifixion

more rubbish

suspects voices on the black box

Xanax sacrifice