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He could only remember seven seconds of the dream. He was aware of private parties run by oligarchs.


The red velvet inside of the guitar case reminded her of kidneys.


Unable to hold back the hordes he dug a hole and buried himself in gravel and sand. He breathed through a straw for a week.


He couldn’t remember if Henry Kissinger was dead or alive.


The cracks in the floor appeared over night. Dried from the sun. Underground stuff was happening. It was scientific.


On the late night news the newsreader advised of a disaster but there was meat between his teeth.


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a murder of them

the janitor at the library wanted to be a baby

naked and suckling on a breast

– but he just swept floors and emptied bins

– he looked at people in clothes and imagined them naked the larger the person

the greater shadow

fingerprints are like maths

you can’t argue with the facts

retina scanned at the door

they wouldn’t let me in

my eyes weren’t on file

where’s your favourite poem now?

in the fields at the edge of tow

all the scarecrows had their clothes stolen

they were reduced to straw

( I saw a man wearing the scarecrows trousers

held up with an electric cable

the iron was still attached)

and when the wind blew the scarecrows disappeared


the crows returned

a whole murder of them

that scene in Papillon

primitive WiFi slows down connection to a crawl

dropped out midway through conversations about obsolete technology

people in a group all talking about what they’ve seen on the internet

kid falling over

dogs dressed as ninjas

Hitler cats

Beef-burger garnishes

there was nothing of substance there was nowt that was real

that scene in Papillon when the screen turns upside down and he says YOU HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF A WASTED LIFE scared the shit out of me

in time the spaceman will discover the monolith

wet waterfall Lazarus

see cries wet water falls from the holes that can see

there was a second of grace

as they grew

the tress


in the news

they said the millionaire died in a hotel room where the carpet wasnt clean and the mini bar was empty

and the bible was unread

nowadays everyone has an opinion

I’m waiting for the electronic malfunction

when the computers refuse to compute

I drive away in a second hand car

I’ve changed since the photo was taken

I’ve gone to far

on the side of the road

stinging nettles stand next to their antidote

Icarus was was burnt and hit the ground

Lazarus went the opposite way round


I want to replace her eyes with petals and satellites

and in this submarine where we lay

with all the world above us

the sonar sends us to sleep

the weather vane is stationary

everything is motionless and will only move when I give the command

her sugary insides are alive

and safe in there place

today a body of miracles and muscles