the spies have unearthed your secrets – deflowered

you will be handed over to the authorities at dawn

⁃ a jury assembled from local businessman

the butcher

a seamstress

a retired pilot

the librarian with a bag of books

⁃ you never wrote the confession

you swear but

you wished there was better ending to this joke

to this sentence

and the next line that fades

and falls

like the sound that vanished as the ambulance rushed by


the faint laughter carried across the bay

to the prison recreation yard

the current will drown you

or bring you home


(He had a)

head like a planet

pot marked like a meteor impact

a mug shot on a 1,000 police walls

fingerprints like the map

contours of mountains

the peaks

the peaks

he pissed in the wound

and it smelt like burning hair

and I dreamed of pressing lips against her and decided I would rescue her in a time machine of my own design

I would rescue her to soundtrack of violins and cellos notes played over a cold landscape of snow and crippled trees

and her insides are alive

and safe in their place for


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scratch on the horizon

some children lean like saplings

bent, blank and thin like a sheet of A4 paper

holes in their teeth

empty black spaces


and then some children just look like scratches on a painted horizon

I returned home at night my wife said I’d changed

I was beginning to fade

to a grey facsimile of the person she fell in love with

— drained and washed of colour

a slow death in verdant Albion

full of lottery winners and knife victims

LON: 53.801277

LAT: – 1.548567

helicopter over a smokestack spitting out a bilious tar

your face is beamed on to the moon

⁃ clothes : models own

the clouds are gathering from afar

last phone boxing

the last pay phone in town

was declared an


a line of tourist snaked around the block with their phones

taking pictures of phones

inside the body of the pay phone

nested dead coins and beer caps

all circuits and conduits ripped out

like dying veins

the children from the future thumbed the coins and couldn’t conceive the notion of physical money

day five

into the fifth day

the latrine overflows

they have dammed the rivers and all the lights now flicker

insufficient power to maintain the grid

irregular surges between explosions


rat dinners

currency is gradually becoming worthless bartering for sharp implements

secret messages sent to disrupt scrabbled pages from the Bible

new meanings for old words

the new sensation of constant thirst

insurgents will be hung at dawn

a magic medical machine

a modern miracle

moving the fluids

percolating the lava in the blood

almost becoming robotic

astronaut ailments

a change to your circadian rhythm

a gradual move to Martian time

you live somewhere in the future while slowly

imperceptibly things melt

decompose move East

become carbon

become history

then forgotten

you sit stationary and collect dust

the dust collector

the urban goose

at times like this you taste your favourite childhood meal

at these times like this count your breaths meld into the moment

contemplate the human form

contemplate the architect plans of this imposed inertia