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downloading Back to the Future



French kissing your mum in purple pants and pretending it wasn’t you   
I asked her what she was thinking 

– she slammed the doors

– smashed the windows

– stole a car

– burned the house down

 -fled town
– two weeks later

anonymous phones calls where I can hear a fountain /waterfall / seasonal rains / hotel shower / pissing

– whispered words 

– a well fingered photograph of

teenage confusion: 

I knew I liked woman 

and spent years thinking I must be a lesbian – 

— erasing paragraphs from the bible like a child screaming with his fingers in his ears —

if it’s removed it never happened

—all those people in the cemetery never existed

vertical burials in the wasteland  




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three deaths

– she was my friend a lifetime ago, blonde hair,
danced a lot,
we used to watch Grease laying on her carpet –
she opened up her wrists in a bath –
when her mum found her it looked like red dye had been added to the water –
her blonde hair flecked with red spots
– he was a borderline alcoholic and feel asleep on the tube,
I think his hair was to cool –
he always had a cough he hung himself
just before Christmas and he was found with shit in his pants,
it was cold
inside and out
– under a foreign sun he was blown up by a fridge,
killed by faulty wiring with no travel insurance,
a Buddhist monk cremated him so we could fly him home on the cheap.
At his funeral a man was seen getting a blow job from a prostitute.