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pictures made up of words x 3

  1. Slit dress

The slit in her dress went up to her thigh. She wore scuffed black boots and a backpack that was covered in band patches. She had a tattoo on her ankle that said ACID RAP. She walked past a red phone box. The last one in town.

1989: 10p phone calls to girlfriends

Fingers tasted metallic.

2. 200 year feast

After they landed they butchered the first animal they saw and feasted on it’s meat. 200 years later that day is celebrated by eating a armadillo.

Have you ever seen a blonde haired nun? A bald Rastafarian?

A documentary about a man with three knees.

3. Iron Maiden to the knees

The found photo was of a boy with missing teeth and bleeding gums. In his right hand he held a bunch of keys. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt that came down to his knees. In the background a car was on fire.

His mother, long gone, mane him after her favourite singer.



the spilt milk begins to sour

the cat turns up his nose

the trees creak

under the weight of the birds that perch there and the

trees roots

criss cross like the tube map tourists follow

with their eyes and theirs fingers


A to B

an intersection of coloured lines

the flowers will begin to flower

untouched coffee where the body lay


Monday: slow, sluggish, a black mark on the week, early, pan of boiling water bubbling, waiting for the egg

three beats off

Tuesday : preparation for after hours committee meetings, bored words, lazy notes, sleep

the mistress awaits

Wednesday: a hill in the valley,

day as median

day as balm

a climb to the summit

the expansive view and the journey downhill

plaster on a child’s scrapped knee

Thursday : the perpetual night before Christmas

always the bridesmaid

Friday: the precipice and the

fade into something, penultimate meeting, a graph, lines,

final preparations for things in the future , a dream of tomorrow tomorrow



the frozen ground will snap the shovel

there will be no burials today

the gravediggers

tell them

they can stand down

stretch their backs, rest, look at their calloused fingers

this season was no good for florists

and outdoor types

the worlds most expensive stamp was licked and stuck on an envelope

posted to a collector in Wiesbaden

tales of airmen and pilots (disfigured faces from the crash, leather jacket, altitude sickness & frozen feet

spinning dials on the dashboard, propeller & undercarriage)

•the orators

•atrocity exhibit


your Boy Scout badges won’t help now

arrived in the clearing

arrived at the agreed destination covered by shadow

and covered in snow

we are people our parents don’t know

shadows thrown by low hanging vine at the edges of the outskirts of


a frayed jean hem once pristine

a tablecloth of heirlooms of porcelain saucers and the chipped rim of a tea cup

handkerchief in hand as you wave goodbye at the station

all those familiar places will be expunged from the map

his fear of warm milk

lactose breasts that slowly drip

a damaged tap with a snapped washer

lost in the delusion of others in the day they shut down the press

when the windscreens of the cars froze over when the frost made the pavement sparkle like diamonds

when little children’s fingers drew patterns on misty glass

we await the thaw

when the ice melts the city weeps

your arm full of Boy Scout badges won’t help you now


in the future

they will think the phone boxes were monoliths

pieces of ancient technology where the people of the past

communicated with the gods

but now they stand neglected and mute

wet waterfall Lazarus

see cries wet water falls from the holes that can see

there was a second of grace

as they grew

the tress


in the news

they said the millionaire died in a hotel room where the carpet wasnt clean and the mini bar was empty

and the bible was unread

nowadays everyone has an opinion

I’m waiting for the electronic malfunction

when the computers refuse to compute

I drive away in a second hand car

I’ve changed since the photo was taken

I’ve gone to far

on the side of the road

stinging nettles stand next to their antidote

Icarus was was burnt and hit the ground

Lazarus went the opposite way round