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in the future

they will think the phone boxes were monoliths

pieces of ancient technology where the people of the past

communicated with the gods

but now they stand neglected and mute


that scene in Papillon

primitive WiFi slows down connection to a crawl

dropped out midway through conversations about obsolete technology

people in a group all talking about what they’ve seen on the internet

kid falling over

dogs dressed as ninjas

Hitler cats

Beef-burger garnishes

there was nothing of substance there was nowt that was real

that scene in Papillon when the screen turns upside down and he says YOU HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF A WASTED LIFE scared the shit out of me

in time the spaceman will discover the monolith

wet waterfall Lazarus

see cries wet water falls from the holes that can see

there was a second of grace

as they grew

the tress


in the news

they said the millionaire died in a hotel room where the carpet wasnt clean and the mini bar was empty

and the bible was unread

nowadays everyone has an opinion

I’m waiting for the electronic malfunction

when the computers refuse to compute

I drive away in a second hand car

I’ve changed since the photo was taken

I’ve gone to far

on the side of the road

stinging nettles stand next to their antidote

Icarus was was burnt and hit the ground

Lazarus went the opposite way round

reading this will not improve your life

all the car lines up

going nowhere fast

all the colours

reds and blues

green silver and black

dented doors and all the registration plates are codes

I can’t decipher

this morning

has been going on for a week

( he had a mantra

rule one was “WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN” )

some join the dots to make beautiful constellations

some join the dots only to end up with a bloody mess of

childlike scribbles

I’m somewhere in between

someone is stealing my data

and all the FOR SALE signs are closing in

blocking out the sun

in the light

my shadow is twice as long as it is in the dark

simian space

after the crucifixion


the sun is a force to be reckoned with


I feel gravity pulling me

back to the city

where I emerged on a day reminiscent of today

the air con is relentless

goosebumps on skin

a blind man would think

I was made of Braille

rock paper scissor stone

eeny meeny miny mo

and in this new old town everyone is wearing Lycra and they’re running around and around

it’s relentless

sweating small beads

the new have replaced the old

the unwanted & the poor are squeezed out like the last dregs in a toothpaste tube

( last night I heard a song that made me cry

he is floating down a river in Chang Mai )

earlier today I found out that Einstürzende Neubauten meant “Collapsing New Buildings”

I thought about architecture

empty shopping malls

leisure centres with swimming pools and wave machines

in my dream last night I couldn’t move

I was trapped in a house full of pianos dust laid heavy on the keys in my sleep I could feel my body twitch

stale bread left for the pidgeon to peak